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Despite new ownership the same beverage selections will be available this summer at 21st Street Beer and Wine, located at 2110 North Philadelphia Avenue, who received approval last week from the Board of License Commissioners to transfer the associated beer/wine license to the new merchants.

(April 26, 2019) Although the name remains unchanged, 21st Street Beer & Wine is under new ownership this season.

Ace Owies, who has operated Seaside Deli on 72nd Street in Ocean City since 2015, took over the reins of the downtown beverage stop, located at 2110 North Philadelphia Avenue, last week.

Owies wrapped up the real estate transaction last Tuesday after the Board of License Commissioners approved the transfer of a seven-day Class “A” beer/wine license.

Owies first learned the property was for sale last fall and quickly entered into negotiations.

“I liked the store’s proximity to Phillips Crab House,” he said.

The large-scale iconic seafood restaurant is located adjacently at 2004 North Philadelphia Avenue.

By the new year, Owies had reached settlement terms with the remaining task being the just-completed licensure issue.

Owies said, at least for now, he does not plan on making any changes.

“In future years, if all goes well, we may expand operations to include a deli like the Seaside location,” he said.

Known for his affable nature by locals, Owies now hopes to spread the good will fostered with regulars and tourists at Seaside Deli to the 21st Street operation.

In addition to a healthy selection of imported and domestic beers, as well as varied vino choices, Owies said the 21st Street shop will include a small selection of convenience store items, like snacks and cigarettes.

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