(Dec. 13, 2019) Among the state-based regulations that affect all 45 Maryland hospitals is their performance under the Quality-Based Reimbursement program administered by the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission.

In this evaluation, hospitals that achieve higher quality ratings benefit in the form of higher reimbursement rates for medical services according to the Global Budget Revenue model.

In the most recent evaluation period covering quality and patient experience data from 2017 and 2018, Atlantic General Hospital was one of just seven Maryland hospitals to receive positive revenue adjustments.

In the case of Atlantic General, the calculation resulted in nearly $200,000 of additional Global Budget Revenue rate adjustments.

Contributing to this outcome, Atlantic General was ranked No. 1 in the entire state for patient experience and tied for fifth in patient safety measures.

“The HSCRC’s most recent report supports our belief that a commitment to delivering a safe and caring healthcare environment will result in an uncommonly excellent experience for our patients,” said Michael Franklin, president and CEO of Atlantic General Hospital. “We are committed to staying in the top tier of Maryland hospitals in achieving high quality ratings that demonstrate our values and our unwavering commitment to meeting every patient’s need.”

Revenues received by Atlantic General Hospital, a not-for-profit organization, are reinvested in existing and new programs and services to support the healthcare needs of the community.

Atlantic General Hospital has been providing quality health care to the residents of Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties in Maryland, and Sussex County, Delaware, since May 1993.

Built through the commitment and generosity of a dedicated community, Atlantic General’s main facility in Berlin combines the warmth of personalized attention with the reassurance of medical expertise and advanced technology.

The not-for-profit hospital provides quality specialty care in oncology, medical and surgical weight loss, orthopedics, and women’s diagnostics among other services.

Atlantic General Health System, its network of more than 40 primary care providers and specialists, cares for residents and visitors throughout the region.

For more information about Atlantic General Hospital, visit www.atlanticgeneral.org.

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