(Dec. 25, 2020) Atlantic General Hospital and Medocity announced a collaboration to enable expanded virtual care management capabilities for patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, COPD, and heart failure.

The not-for-profit community-based healthcare system originally launched its remote patient monitoring program in 2017, so care coordinators could closely follow the progress of individuals at greater risk of their health deteriorating after a hospital stay as well as those with certain chronic conditions, 24/7.

The new Medocity service, launched this month, allows for greater access to more patients with chronic conditions.

The program will evolve over the next few months to include patients undergoing treatment for cancer as well as individuals recently discharged after surgery at Atlantic General, thereby further reducing avoidable hospitalizations and improving outcomes for patients throughout Maryland and Delaware.

“We are thrilled to help AGH bring care to their patients, especially during this pandemic when many patients are concerned about going out of their homes to get much-needed care,” said Laura Giostra, senior director of clinical services at Medocity. “This is especially true with high-risk patients suffering from chronic conditions such as CHF and diabetes, and from complex illnesses such as cancer.”

The Medocity Digital Care Platform enables AGH providers to stay connected with their patients remotely, monitor symptoms and vital signs, receive real-time alerts and interact with their patients via secure texting or televisits – all within the security of the same virtual ecosystem.

In addition, patients will be able to access customized resources and guidance tailored for each individual to help address social determinants, including information directing patients back to AGH services through links to their own programs and clinics.

“Digital adoption and smart phone ownership have been rapidly increasing across our region, and we’ve made significant investments in telehealth to better service Atlantic General’s patient population, including our rural and underserved communities,” said Charles Gizara, director of integrated care management at AGH. “We’ve partnered with Medocity to help us deliver next-generation virtual services, furthering our commitment to improving health care in the communities we serve.”

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