(Oct. 25, 2019) Warren Rosenfeld, founder and majority owner of the Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli brand, and the Big Fish Restaurant Group, operated by Founder Eric Sugrue, announce the formation of Rosenfeld’s Expansion Partners, LLC, a new company formed for the purpose of expanding the number of locations of the Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli concept.

Hank Rosenberg, the present and long-serving COO of Hospitality at Harrington Raceway and Casino, put the parties together and helped negotiate the deal, and is also a shareholder in the new venture.

Big Fish Restaurant Group, which currently operates 17 restaurants throughout Delaware, will operate and manage all new Rosenfeld’s locations opened by the new venture, and will be fully responsible for all hiring and backroom operations.

Warren Rosenfeld will be active in marketing, menu and recipe management, brand authenticity, quality control, promotions and strategic planning.

BFRG and Rosenfeld will jointly determine the cities in which new locations will be planned and pursued. Rosenberg will be active with Realtors, community outreach and quality control.

The new partnership is hopeful of opening its first location in Wilmington, Delaware, before the summer of 2020. Other cities being considered for additional locations are Annapolis, Columbia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore in-city and suburban markets.

That said, the parties do not plan on necessarily keeping this as a regional venture, and hope to take the brand outside of the mid-Atlantic region as the opportunity presents itself to do so.

Rosenfeld will continue to own and operate his current locations in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Ocean City, Maryland, and at the Salisbury airport.

He will continue to have an exclusive in the counties in which those delis are located, and can open additional locations there, or close locations, as he sees fit.

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