Veronique Diriker, Ph.D., CFRE

Veronique Diriker, Ph.D., CFRE

(Jan. 24, 2020) Veronique Diriker, Ph.D., CFRE has joined the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore as chief strategy officer.

Diriker will lead the foundation’s strategic planning and implementation with a focus on its continued growth, impact and effectiveness.

“The Community Foundation has a longstanding history of leadership and expertise in philanthropy, and we ensure this on the ground level by developing a team that is cutting-edge in their respective fields” said Erica Joseph, CFES president. “Veronique’s extensive knowledge and skill set makes her a natural addition to our team as we build for the future.”

Diriker’s professional experience includes nonprofit management and leadership, university development, nonprofit fundraising, public policy analysis and consulting, event planning, program development, higher education teaching, outcomes assessment and program evaluation, and community outreach.

“It is an honor to join an organization that has made such a profound impact on the Lower Shore, its residents, and its nonprofit sector,” Diriker said. “I look forward to working closely with our highly competent staff, engaged volunteers and dedicated partners, so that we can continue to strengthen our community.”

Salisbury became home to Diriker more than 30 years ago when she and her husband, Memo, relocated from Boston.

She is a long-time donor, friend, and supporter of the foundation. She enjoys spending time with her beloved dog, Seamus, and using her love of art as a strategy for encouraging philanthropy.

As leaders, grant makers and stewards of philanthropy, the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore connects people who care to causes that matter for the common good of the Lower Eastern Shore.

It is a 501c3 nonprofit with an inspiring history of fostering charitable endeavors and has provided $84 million in grants and scholarships to the local community since 1984.

It collaborates with individuals, families and businesses to match their charitable interests with community needs and strengthens local nonprofits through grants and resources.

The foundation is devoted to improving its regional community and believes in the power of philanthropy. For information, contact Victoria Kent, marketing officer, at 410-742-9911 or

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