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The Taustin Group this week announced plans for its 24th Street property and a new venture in West Ocean City.

(Jan. 29, 2021) The Taustin Group this week announced plans for its 24th Street property and a new venture in West Ocean City.

“With the formation of the Taustin Group, we looked at each of our entities to see how we can meet the needs of the day and develop our properties to their fullest potential, while being at the forefront of the next chapter of the Ocean City experience,” CEO Cole Taustin stated in an announcement on Facebook on Jan. 24.

Construction of Pier 23 is scheduled to begin next month, on the Mad Fish Bar and Grill property, located on Harbor Road in West Ocean City. The restaurant has been closed since Aug. 2, 2019, because of damages sustained from an early-morning fire.

“Pier 23 will be Ocean City’s first waterfront container food port,” according to the post. “We will offer a relaxed outdoor retreat surrounded by decked-out shipping containers, each with their own unique options: tacos, deli, grille, ice cream or a full bar.”

Another container will be stage for DJs and live musical entertainment.

BLU Crabhouse & Raw Bar on 24th Street will continue to serve customers, celebrating its 10th anniversary season this year. It is slated to reopen this spring, with expanded and enhanced indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Given the specific impact of the covid pandemic on buffets, the largest opportunity for the Taustin Group will be on the front of the 24th Street property, where Embers Restaurant has stood for over 70 years.

In 1985, when Embers became an all-you-can-eat seafood and prime rib buffet, it was the first of its kind in the resort.

“We are turning the page once again after a long and successful chapter in our history at the beach,” Taustin said. “The Embers will be transformed during this period and all of us are very excited for you to see what is next.”

Coming in 2022, the project will feature a space that will integrate BLU Crabhouse and Embers Island Miniature Golf, while providing additional shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

“The Embers has so much history, and not just for our family, but for many OC locals and visitors,” Taustin Group President Jay Taustin said. “We plan to pay homage to our past as we venture into the future and lead the way once again in redefining what Ocean City has to offer.”

For additional information and updates, follow any Taustin Group company on their websites and social media.

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