(Nov. 5, 2021) When local business owner Tonya Agostino was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, her world was rocked. 

Life soon became a whirlwind of doctors appointments, treatments, and decisions that she was ill-prepared to make. She found comfort in her family, but like her, they were under extreme duress as they supported her through her cancer journey.

Agostino sought out organizations that could provide resources to help heal her mind, body and spirit, and allow her and her family to find joyful experiences in challenging times. When she could not find anything, she began researching ways in which she could help herself. 

While chemotherapy killed her cancer, the products and services she found provided relief, relaxation and peace of mind as she underwent treatment.

When she got the news that she was cancer free, Agostino was determined to make sure that other local cancer warriors had access to the same resources that helped her to cope with the mental, physical and spiritual trauma she experienced. 

She founded Unstoppable Joy Co, a 501c3, to provide natural, positive support to warriors diagnosed with cancer of any kind, and to let them know that they are not alone.

Unstoppable Joy Co (UJC) helps cancer warriors in multiple ways. 

UJC is currently working with the TidalHealth System to deliver healing bags to cancer warriors across three sites in the community. These reusable totes are full of feel good products like bath detox, arnica gel, relaxing shower melts, and more. 

Recipients are also given an inspirational book entitled “Laughing Through The Ugly,” and other beneficial items such as nutrition information. 

In addition to its partnership with TidalHealth, it regularly receives requests to ship healing bags to people outside of the local community, and happily oblige those inquiries.

The Berlin/Ocean City community is blessed to have many compassionate and caring service providers who have offered their services to local cancer warriors at free or discounted pricing. Unstoppable Joy Co schedules these self-care appointments for massage, sound healing, wellness counseling, hair, nails, among others, and will pay for up to two services on top of the free services offered by UJC partners. 

The organization also make these services available to caregivers so that they, too, can have a respite from dealing with cancer.

Cancer can be all-consuming. In addition to being physically draining, it also takes a significant mental and emotional toll. Everyone deserves a break. 

Unstoppable Joy coordinates customized Zen time activities for cancer warriors and their families, including meals prepared by a personal chef, picnics on the beach, and a day at the spa.

While it has been providing these services for several months, Unstoppable Joy’s mission was originally funded by Agostino and her family, and they are now seeking continued contributions so that they can extend their services and help more people in the surrounding community.

“I started Unstoppable Joy to help my neighbors. Having experienced firsthand what they are going through, I want to be able to assist anyone who is seeking out our services,” she said. “Cancer is something that touches just about everyone in one way or another. I have faith that this caring community can come together to make sure that we are there for those who need us, and to help lift them up during their darkest hour.”

To learn more about Unstoppable Joy Co or make a donation, visit unstoppablejoyco.org or contact Agostino at 410-422-6322 or tonya@unstoppablejoyco.org.

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