David and Patricia Shaffer

David and Patricia Shaffer recently donated $10,000 toward the Atlantic General Campaign for the Future in loving memory of Andre Lavanceau. Pictured, from left, are Toni Keiser, vice president of public relations at AGH; Michael Franklin, AGH president and CEO; David Shaffer and Patricia Ilczuk-Shaffer; and Tammy Patrick, AGH development officer.

(Sept. 27, 2019) David and Patricia Shaffer recently donated $10,000 toward the Atlantic General Campaign for the Future in loving memory of Andre Lavanceau.

“Having a local hospital and cancer center is vital to the Worcester County community,” Patricia Ilczuk-Shaffer said. “When Andre’s illness took a turn, it was the doctors at Atlantic General Hospital who were able to connect us to the resources needed to prolong his life. We were blessed with another three and a half years together. Leaving a legacy in Andre’s name is important to me, my daughter and my grandchildren.”

The funds raised during the $10 million Atlantic General Campaign for the Future will allow Atlantic General Hospital to complete $35 million in capital projects.

Among them is completion of a new 18,000-square-foot full service cancer care center, completion of the women’s health center in West Ocean City, renovation of existing surgical facilities and expansion of emergency services within Atlantic General Hospital as well as improvements to inpatient care areas.

To date, the foundation has already secured more than $8.13 million of the $10 million goal in pledges, commitments and grants.

Atlantic General Hospital has been providing quality health care to the residents of Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties in Maryland and Sussex County, Delaware, since May 1993.

Built by the commitment and generosity of a dedicated community, the hospital’s state-of-the-art facility in Berlin combines personal attention with the latest in technology and services.

It provides quality specialty care such as weight loss surgery, orthopedics, outpatient infusion and chemotherapy for individuals with cancer or blood/autoimmune disorders, and a comprehensive Women’s Diagnostic Center.

Atlantic General Health System, a network of more than 40 primary care providers and specialists associated with AGH, cares for residents and visitors throughout the region. For more information about Atlantic General Hospital, visit www.atlanticgeneral.org.

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