(July 26, 2019) Joe Glorioso has worked in the food industry for 38 years and his most recent venture is Papi Joe’s Café, which opened last month on Somerset Street in downtown Ocean City.

“I love working with food,” Glorioso said. “The last store I had was up in Dover for about five years and I wanted to get out of Dover and come back to Ocean City. I plan on being here and opening up a couple other stores once I get situated.”


Papi Joe’s Café is located on 13 Somerset Street off the Boardwalk. Joe Glorioso has been serving food for the past 38 years and now offers meals like burgers, pizza, pasta and subs at Papi Joe’s Café in downtown Ocean City.

Glorioso runs his café with his family, and offers catering and can handle large parties or big events.

Some of the items available from Papi Joe’s Café include Italian sausages, pulled pork or brisket sandwiches, meatball subs, grilled cheese, fried chicken platters, hot dogs, pasta and pizza with Glorioso’s own homemade tomato sauce.

“I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t eat,” Glorioso said. “You won’t find the sauce anywhere else. People are going to get the best food around and the best prices.”

His homemade Boardwalk fries are cooked in vegetable oil – not peanut – and are made fresh every day. Glorioso also serves ice cream and Baltimore-style snow cones.

“Everybody has shaved ice, but Baltimore has snowballs, which was the regional snowballs for many years,” Glorioso said. “It’s a crushed ice snowball, similar to a slushie and the flavors are the original Baltimore flavors I’ve been selling since 1981.”

Papi Joe’s Café is closed on Mondays but otherwise is open from noon to 8 p.m. daily. On the weekends, the café will close based on how slow business is toward the end of the day.

For more information, visit Papi Joe’s Café on Facebook or call 410-289-1241.

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