Scott Gardner, owner and clinic director of FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center of Ocean Pines, displays the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill inside the facility on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

(Sept. 21, 2018) The new FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center of Ocean Pines, on 11204 Racetrack Road, will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 4 p.m. with the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce and offer tours of the facility to guests.

The grand-opening event will run from 3-5 p.m.

“We used to be known as APEX,” Marketing Director Ed Weeks said. “Scott Gardner is the owner and clinic director here. He purchased into the national brand FYZICAL – spelled different because we are different.”

The 4,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art physical therapy center houses multiple treatment spaces for a variety of therapeutical needs, such as neurological, vesicular, orthopedic – also including knee and hip replacements – and treatment for people who are experiencing dizziness.

“We use the most recent advances in technology and in science to aid in the rehabilitation of our patients,” Weeks said. “We have over 300 clinics with professionals that we can [determine] this worked here for us, or this didn’t work and we have an enormous source of networking through professionals so we can better treat our patients.”

Some advanced equipment utilized at the facility includes an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, Safety Overhead Support system, and Laser Therapy. The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill was originally built and used by NASA, and will replace aquatic therapy by removing up to 90 percent of a person’s body weight.

“When you’re rehabbing a knee or ankle or broken leg, we can put you into this treadmill and we can take away your body weight,” Weeks said. “It’s super cool. You get into a pair of shorts, almost like a little wetsuit which goes over your pants or shorts, and the bubble fills up with air, you stand on the treadmill and it calculates your weight. We increase and decrease through the course of your rehab. It’s a very cool piece of equipment.”

The safety overhead system, which is a system of harnesses, can strap the patient up to a harness. It is an overhead roller system which eliminates the fear of falling and focuses on recovery, he said.

Light Therapy, which is also offered, uses a low-level light, similar to an ultrasound. The light goes deeper and it keeps the cells moving and increases blood flow, allowing for a better picture of the organ being scanned, he said.

“[Light Therapy is] something that’s been utilized by veterinarians for a number of years,” Weeks said. “It’s very popular for race horses, and it was cleared years ago by the FDA for humans. A lot of high-level athletes are using it – Stephen Curry, LeBron James – It’s extremely popular in the NBA and NFL.”

The grand opening will also feature a tour of the facility, with the six physical therapists on site to answer questions and perform demonstrations of the equipment. 

“I want people to see what the community’s been talking about, and that’s FYZICAL,” Weeks said. “We’re completely and totally different from any other facility in the area and we created a buzz here, and we have a good following with our local patients and our physicians.

“I know people say, ‘FYZICAL? That just sounds so funny,’” he continued. “They see my van riding around and they look at me like, ‘This guy doesn’t know how to spell physical.’ I want people to see what’s going on.”

During the tour, visitors can sign up for a free balance assessment and laser therapy demo in October. Refreshments will also be served during the opening event.

For more information, call Weeks at 410-208-1525.

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