Bobby Hammond III

Atlantic Physical Therapy Vice President Bobby Hammond III

(April 2, 2020) With travel bans in place across Maryland and Delaware because of COVID-19, Atlantic Physical Therapy is advising anyone currently rehabilitating muscular injuries to follow health safety guidelines and reschedule all non-essential visits.

Vice President Bobby Hammond III said while many patients rightfully consider their injuries serious, the risk versus reward ratio should be weighed before visiting any of Atlantic Physical Therapy’s numerous locations on the Eastern Shore and lower Delaware.

“We’re trying to utilize every avenue we can to continue to provide services to people,” he said.

As the response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold locally, nationally and globally, Hammond said while the physical therapy clinic remains open, albeit with certain restraints, to avoid placing staff or patients at undue risk, the hands clinic is currently shut down.

“We’re open for essential care pertinent to injury and recovery,” he said.

Hammond said all other patients should reschedule or delay appointments.

“We want to let people know to stay home and due your part to tackle this as a community,” he said.

For those whose immediate rehabilitative needs are unavoidable, Hammond said preventive measures to protect patients and staff, including keeping head counts inside the clinic to single digits and maintaining social distancing of six-feet, would be strictly maintained.

Proactive steps include using proper protective gear and continuously cleaning equipment and surfaces.

Hammond advises anyone with problems or concerns stemming from musculoskeletal issues to contact Atlantic Physical Therapy at 410-208-3630 or 1-888-208-3828.

“If someone is having substantial pain and they want a consultation, please call us,” he said.

In business since 1988 and operating nine offices in Ocean Pines, Berlin, West Ocean City, Salisbury, along with locations in Delaware, Hammond plans to  be fully staffed to handle the likely onslaught of patients needing muscular treatment whenever travel restrictions become a memory.

“Looking forward, we will be ready and fully staffed to take the influx and provide high quality care,” he said.

Hammond said anyone seeking a consultation is advised to call and utilize the Telehealth option, which is generally covered by insurance.

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