(Sept. 14, 2018) A revised site plan for a new motel in West Ocean City was approved by the Worcester County Planning Commission last Thursday, one month after its first plan was rejected

Golf Course Road Development proposes to build a four-story, 46-unit hotel/motel in West Ocean City by employ a site plan the company’s attorney, Hugh Cropper, described as “unique.”

It’s a repurpose of this property that was originally zoned R3 and could have accommodated townhouses and apartments,” he said. “I think this is a much better use.”

In the site plan, a minimum of 46 parking spaces was suggested with two marked handicapped parking spots designated in the front. To address the commission’s earlier concerns about a driveway configuration that prevented customers from turning around to load at the hotel’s entrance, the company proposed placing a connector by the hotel to ease traffic flow. The commission accepted this proposal.

A lack of a loading dock was another major concern for the planning commission, as well as a location for trash removal.

To obtain the planning commission’s approval, the company asked for a waiver of the 65-foot by10-foot loading space in favor of the 40-foot by10-foot loading space instead.

“We do not think it’s required because we do not think this is a commercial industrial business or other use that requires the materials or merchandise by tractor-trailer vehicles during normal business hours,” Cropper said.

Cropper added if the waiver was granted, the company would stipulate to that space in the site plan and no variation from that would occur.

Another waiver put in place was for a dump pick up location. The company argued that using a smaller dump truck to pick up trash would alleviate concerns about space issue.

Committee members voiced concerns about larger trucks pulling into the property and having difficulty maneuvering around the parking lot or backing into traffic on Golf Course Road. Cropper acknowledged the risks and said space would be provided for larger trucks to pull out without becoming a risk to the parking lot or the road.

The planning commission voted in favor of the renewed plan, agreeing to the waivers, with a vote of 5-1.

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