(Dec. 11, 2020) Edward Burger of the Harrison Group announced on Facebook Monday that he is the new restaurant manager of Anthony’s Carryout on 17th Street in Ocean City, following the Simms family’s departure in November.


dward Burger of the Harrison Group announced Monday that he will be the new restaurant man- ager of Anthony’s Carryout on 17th Street in Ocean City.

“I have been a customer of theirs for, I would say, nearly 20 years,” Burger said, who has lived in Ocean City almost three decades.

He added that, like many customers, the roast beef is his favorite.

“Just being there so often … to see the clientele level that he holds, it’s more like a family,” Burger said. “[John Simms] has been doing the same thing for well over 40 years, and it’s big shoes, but I’m very excited about trying to do my best there.”

Burger has been with the Harrison Group in management for about seven years. He followed his parents’ footsteps into the restaurant industry.

“I would say 80 percent of my life I’ve been in one capacity or the other in the restaurant industry,” he said.

The Harrison Group has owned the Anthony’s Carryout property for several years and continued to rent to the Simms family until they decided to retire.

“Due to unfortunately the covid situation that we have gone through, I kind of stepped down into an assistant manager position in one of their locations,” Burger said of his Harrison Group employment. “When Mr. Simms decided that they were ready to retire, the opportunity came available to me, and I jumped on it to get back into the restaurant management.”

As the restaurant manager, Burger will oversee the daily operations and be present in front of house often.

Burger’s business cards feature a slogan, reflecting the new management’s intentions for the restaurant: “New faces, same traditions.”

“We are going to continue with the traditions [and] keep everything exactly the same to the best of our ability, of course,” he said. “I may add one or two flavors of my own.”

Anthony’s Carryout is scheduled to reopen in the spring.

“With the coronavirus and everything else going on, we don’t want to go ahead and set a date at this time,” Burger said. “I will make it available as soon as we know.”

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Tommy Vann

[beam]I used to get my "Steamship Round" sandwiches at "Anthonys" in the 1960's and 1970's while I performed every summer at the "Paddock" and "The Ships Cafe" ! Great food at "Anthonys" ---ALWAYS--Tommy Vann

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