(June 7, 2019) The new store in the Inlet Village will knock your socks off, but don’t worry, as there are over 1,500 replacements to choose from.

Owners Dena and Delmar Smith celebrated the grand opening of OC Socks on May 2, their newest business in the village, located at southern end of the Ocean City Boardwalk.


Owners Dena and Delmar Smith opened OC Socks on May 2, during the first day of Springfest.

Before the couple moved to Ocean City, Dena ran a store called Bears by the Bay on Solomon’s Island, in Calvert County. Delmar eventually retired from his position as a Maryland State police officer to help her run the shop. In 2005, they decided to pack up and move to Ocean City.

“We opened up our Doggie Style K-9 Cafe in 2005 and one of the bestsellers in the store throughout the years has been socks with dogs on them,” Delmar Smith said. “We thought it might be a good idea just to take a risk and try a store of just nothing but socks.”

Nothing but socks is true, as the small store is stocked floor to ceiling with socks for both children and adults. Fuzzy, woolen, adult humor, cartoon characters, as well as food, TV and movie themes are among the options available.

“People have been excited about it,” Smith said. “They’ve never seen a store like this before. Everybody needs socks and this is the place to come for the fun socks.”

The couple opened their first shop in Ocean City in 2005, and have since added two other stores to the Inlet Village. First was the Doggie Style K-9 Café, followed by Treasure Island in 2009, and finally, OC Socks.

The Smiths obtained most of their socks from vendors at national shows, with several found during an event in Atlanta, Georgia. The store offers 20 different brands with over 1,500 styles to choose from.

As far as interest goes, OC Socks has attracted quite a few people with its abundant supply.

“It’s a good time,” Smith said. “We tell our customers it’s alright to laugh out loud and they do. You’ll hear them giggle because it’s that kind of store.”

The most popular are Foozy socks, which are high-quality with a bargain price. Prices range from three for $10 or seven for $20 for the Foozy socks, with the most expensive being a collectible Donald Trump sock with an attached comb to brush his fluffy hair, for $35.

"We’ve done a lot of research in the offseason to seriously find the best quality socks at the best price,” Smith said. “We have over 1,500 different socks to look at, 20 different brands and we put in the work and done the research to make sure it’s a really great store and a good value.”

The store is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about the store or the hundreds of socks available, visit www.ocsocks.com, the OC Socks Facebook page, or call 443-624-0564.

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