(Aug. 9, 2019) PGN Crab House, on 29th Street, celebrates 50 years of business in Ocean City this summer.

PGN Crab House, named after brothers Pete, George and Nick Kaouris, opened on June 16, 1969.

“All the brothers wanted to own a restaurant,” Co-owner Elizabeth Kaouris said. “In 1972, we bought the property … we had rented first. We served breakfast, lunch and dinner at the time.”

While Ocean City has changed over the last 50 years, the eatery, which can seat 77 people, many of its recipes and employees have not.

A family-run business, PGN Crab House has served many loyal customers over the years.


The staff of PGN Crab House celebrates 50 years of business in Ocean City this summer.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, such as steamed shrimp and clams, snow crabs, crab soup, a quarter-pound burger, salads, several sandwiches – including fish, ham, tuna, shrimp, chicken, oyster, flounder, soft crab and crab cake – New York strip, stuffed flounder and rack of ribs.

Desserts consist of Elizabeth’s homemade rice pudding, cheesecake and lemon meringue, silk and apple pie.

Kaouris said that while the restaurant hasn’t changed much, the resort began to see even more stores and restaurants pop up, especially in the last 30 years.

“There are a lot of restaurants now on every corner … you see four or five on the block,” she said. “There’s been change for the [better] because everyone is in the business.”

It is not always a good change, however, because some fast food chains tend to provide quantity over quality, Kaouris’ niece, Amanda, said.

“That’s the problem with today’s age. Everything is fast and undercuts the quality,” she said. “[Fast food restaurants], I mean, OK, they’re nice for whatever reason, but they don’t have the quality that a family place like this for 50 years has.”

Amanda also commented on how loyal PGN customers are.

“We have customers who come all the way from Ohio,” she said. “Last week, they came from Ohio and they always get crabs for them to take home.”

PGN Crab House is open from March to October. The restaurant is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information, visit PGN Crab House on Facebook or call 410-289-8380.

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