Lauren Bunting

Lauren Bunting

(Oct. 21, 2022) The Department of Housing and Community Development in Maryland (DHCD) offers a program called the Maryland WholeHome Program which can help homeowners make valuable repairs and enhancements to their home to help lower monthly utility bills and improve quality of life.

Maryland WholeHome grants and loans can be used to upgrade to energy efficient appliances, repair or replace heating and cooling systems, replace insulation, add accessibility features for seniors or those with special needs, remove lead paint, upgrade plumbing, and address structural and maintenance issues.

This program offers low-interest rate loans and grants.

DHCD offers a range of programs that help homeowners maintain safe, comfortable and accessible homes for their families.

These programs help Maryland homeowners invest in affordable improvements that can help save money on heating and cooling costs, enhance livability for senior residents and those with special needs, and make repairs to meet building codes for safer living.

Loans and grants are based on what type of work is needed, as well as household income and ability to repay. The maximum interest rate is 4 percent and may be as low as zero, payments may be deferred, and there is no application fee.

Home repair improvements may include: plumbing and septic repairs; roof repair/replacement; correct building code violations; reduce/eliminate lead paint hazards; repair/replace porches; address structural or maintenance issues; and, install accessibility aids such as hand railings, ramps, grab bars, wider doorways.

Energy efficiency improvements may include: install EnergyStar appliances; improve air quality; retrofit lighting; install energy conservation materials/insulation; seal air and whole house envelope; and, upgrade/repair HVAC systems, clean furnaces, improve heating/cooling functions.

To read over the program details and download applications, visit

— Lauren Bunting is a licensed Broker with Keller Williams Realty of Delmarva in Ocean City, MD.

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