(July 12, 2019) The OC Poke Sushi and Teriyaki House on 215 South Baltimore Avenue in downtown Ocean City offers fresh sushi, poke bowls and teriyaki meals.

The restaurant, which opened at the beginning of June, allows customers to build poke bowls (pronounced “poe-kay),” a Hawaiian dish traditionally consisting of diced raw fish served either as an appetizer or as a main course.


Owner Cindy Liu and her little helper and daughter Rani, 10, greet customers with a smile at their new restaurant on Talbot Street.  

“We have run a sushi restaurant before, and here in Ocean City we noticed there weren’t many poke stores around,” Owner Cindy Liu said. “It’s a new thing that’s gotten more and more popular and people are starting to eat healthier.”

Liu, who operated a sushi restaurant in Stockton, Maryland, knew she wanted to bring a poke bowl option to Ocean City.

“We’ve been here for the last two years, so when we come here and travel around, we would like to find somewhere to eat like this but there has been nothing,” Liu said. “We see a lot of pizza and sub shops…”

To make a poke bowl, customers can choose a base of sushi rice, seaweed wrap, mixed greens or a combination of rice and greens.

Next, they can select one or more proteins such as ahi tuna, salmon, grilled beef, tofu, grilled chicken, shrimp or crab.

Then, customers can pick what toppings or mix-ins they want, such as cucumbers, onions, edamame, carrots, avocado, corn, lettuce, sesame seeds, ginger and wasabi.

Finally, they can choose a sauce, ranging from Sriracha, wasabi, eel, spicy mayo or the house blend.

In addition to the poke bowls, OC Poke offers several appetizers including egg rolls, chicken or shrimp dumplings, seaweed salad and chicken wings. Also available is baked fried rice, which includes a creamy white sauce and mozzarella cheese.

“We try to promote healthy and fresh food and we offer it for a fair price,” Liu said.

The restaurant also offers a variety of sushi, as well as teriyaki bowls for those who are not fans of raw fish.

“It’s something new and different besides the usual fried rice and lo mein,” Liu said. “They can try the cooked food if they don’t like sushi.”

So far, the reception has been very positive, she said.

“We have gotten a lot of return customers, especially locals,” Liu said. “If they like it, then they [tend to] come back [over and over again]. We also get a lot of tourists and travelers in this area.”

OC Poke Sushi and Teriyaki House is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight, and Sunday, noon to 11 p.m.

The restaurant also offers delivery and carryout.

For more information, visit www.ocpoke2222.com or call 410-289-2222.

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