(June 28, 2019) Crack open some mussels, crabs or lobster tails at Juicy King Crab on 221 Wicomico Street, which just opened its doors two weeks ago.

The eatery, considered a Louisiana-styled, Cajun inspired seafood restaurant, has already received rave reviews from its diners, Marketing Manager Joe Sinkhus said.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Sinkhus said. “Everyone that comes in has had a response like, ‘Wow, I’ve never had shrimp this way or I’ve never had mussels this way.’”

Besides steam pots which can be filled with up to a pound of shrimp, mussels, clams, crawfish, lobster tails or four different types of crabs – king crab legs, blue crab, snow crab or Dungeness – the restaurant also offers fried seafood baskets, salads and various appetizers.

Also available are lobster grilled cheese and a crab cake sandwich. 

Some of its non-seafood items includes fried avocado, fried pickles, onion rings, hush puppies and chicken wings.

“You can pick your spice from house, house chili, lemon pepper, Old Bay, cajun, garlic and garlic butter,” Sinkhus said. “Even though it’s cajun style, it can still be very mild.”


Enjoying the scenic views of the bay at Juicy King Crab on 221 Wicomico Street on Tuesday, June 25, from left, are Marketing Manager Joe Sinkhus, Chef Jay Chen and General Manager Helena Fang.

Juicy King Crab is a totally unique experience for Ocean City, according to Sinkhus.

“All the spices used to create the recipes are made from scratch,” Sinkhus said. “It’s not out of a box, it’s not out of a can … everything is from scratch.

“There’s a lot of family that works for the business,” he continued. “It’s not just about how great the food tastes … but it’s nothing like you’ve tasted in Ocean City. It’s truly something different for Ocean City.”

The restaurant has two bars, one located inside and overlooks the bay and marina, and another on the bottom floor which is directly on the water.

“It could be an intimate setting for a couple and has a large enough dynamic to fit a family of 15 with two or three generations, or even a bachelorette party,” Sinkhus said. “If you like seafood, you will fall in love with this seafood, whether you have a garlic palate or a spicy palate, you’ll get that spectrum there.”

Juicy King Crab is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information or to see the full menu, visit www.juicykingcrab. com, Juicy King Crab on Facebook or call 410-289-0500.

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