(Nov. 13, 2020) Anthony’s Carryout on 17th Street in Ocean City will continue operation next year, but with new ownership after nearly five decades.

Anthony's Carryout

John Simms and his family announced last Thursday on Facebook that they would be handing over ownership of Anthony’s Carryout on 17th Street in Ocean City to the Harrison Group after nearly five decades.

John Simms and his family posted last Thursday on the Anthony’s Carryout Facebook page: “We have 48 years of memories here. We’ve raised our families here, we’ve taught countless young people how to work, and we’ve made friends from all over the world. The Simms Family is very grateful to the locals and visitors who kept us busy all these years. It is time for us to say goodbye.

“Thank you to the Harrison Group for being so kind to us after they purchased the property several years ago,” the statement continued. “Anthony’s is now in their hands. They are planning to open it back up next year and we hope they can make just as many fond memories.”

More than 500 people commented on the post, sharing memories and thanks.

The restaurant has been temporarily closed since Labor Day.

Rumors spread in September that Anthony’s Carryout was permanently closing.

“The closing rumor has been going around every year for a while now, but this year it is a stronger one,” John Simms wrote in response on Facebook that month. “We need time to decompress and figure out a plan for our family before making a final decision. To tell you the truth, we just don’t like being in Ocean City anymore.”

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Tommy Vann

Worked at "The Ships Cafe" with the "Admirals" in the 70's and have fond remembrances when "Tommy Vann and the Echoes" and "Tommy Vann and The Professionals" worked their in the 60's! Many Steamship Rounds consumed along with copious amounts of liquid refreshment!

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