Easter Cake with a Surprise

(April 2, 2021) Excitement fills the air as the Easter bunny hippety-hops its way to the Eastern Shore.

Dazzling dyed eggs, delicious chocolate bunnies and gooey marshmallow Peeps are just a sampling of the wonderment and merriment on this special day.

An Easter Cake with a Surprise is like no other cake and fitting for this holiday. A stack of thin layers of colorful cakes are filled with a sweet surprise.

It is only when one cuts into the cake, that sprinkles, Skittles, jelly beans and many other goodies become a feast for your eyes.

The process for such a feat is actually quite simple. Let us explore in detail how to construct an Easter Cake with a Surprise.

Do not be fooled by the tiers of color; one does not have to make separate flavored batters. In reality, each layer consists of a vanilla box cake mix that is dyed with food coloring to please one’s prism of choice.

Use specialty thin cake pans or pour the batter into traditional cake pans halfway. Multi-layers have a more dramatic look and are pleasing to the eye.

Bake the batter in parchment-lined 6-inch cake pans; the number of layers is up to the individual.

Because of the numerous layers, you will have to wash and reuse your cake pans. Just remember, the cooking time will be very short due to the thinness of each layer.

Once the tiers of the cakes have cooled, use a 1 ½-inch cookie cutter to make a hole in the center of each cooked cake except the top layer. These holes form the cavity for your surprise filling.

If you do not have a cookie cutter, you can use something else that is approximately the same size. Try to keep the diameter of the filling no more than 1.5 inches.

Before you start to assemble your Easter Cake with a Surprise, remember, you cannot transfer your cake once it is stacked and packed with goodies. My suggestion, place the cake on the serving plate as you put it together.

Layer each cake with a light coat of icing. The icing adds flavor, texture, and acts as a glue.

You will be dealing with an array of colors, so take the time to artfully arrange your rainbow of sweetness.

Once it is stacked, carefully pour the candy into the hollowed-out core of the cake.

Cover the surprise filling with the top layer of cake and another thin layer of icing. At this point, the cake needs to be refrigerated for 1.5 hours so the frosting can solidify and add structure to the dish.

Remove the cake from the refrigerator and start the final phase of frosting. Choices sets one apart from others, you have two options at this point.

The first possibility and simpler approach is to choose one color of frosting and decorate the outside of your cake with tiny swirls for a cohesive look.

The second option is more complicated, but produces a stunning look. Apply a thin layer of frosting over the entire exterior of the cake. This foundation is known as the crumb coat which keeps the crumbs from penetrating the exterior coat of icing.

Refrigerate for 1.5 hours.

Remove cake from the refrigerator, then apply the final coating of icing. Using an offset spatula will ensure a gorgeous, smooth surface.

Divide reserved frosting into several colors of one’s liking by using food coloring that will match the colors of the interior cake.

Using your offset spatula, apply a small dab of each color over the entire surface of the cake. Aim for larger blobs, as this will help give the colors distinction.

Run a cake scraper around the cake in the same direction. This will smooth out the blobs and create streaks of color that has a tie-dyed effect.

Successful entertaining is about distinctive dishes and memorable moments. Children are going to be thrilled as you cut the cake and Easter treats magically appear.

Customary cakes are yummy but an Easter Cake with a Surprise is a grand finale to a festive day with family and friends.

Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!

Easter Cake with a Surprise


3 to 4 (15.25 oz.) classic white cake mixes

3 (16 oz.) vanilla frosting

4 cups assorted hard, favorite candy such as sprinkles, Skittles, Smarties and jelly beans

assorted gel food colorings

parchment paper

1. Prepare cake mix according to directions on package.

2. Line 7 (6-inch) cake pans with parchment paper. Fill with cake batter and bake approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Time will vary according to the thickness of the cake.

Insert a tooth pick into the cake. If no cake batter sticks to it, the cake is done.

3. Cool cakes on a cooling rack.

4. Place cakes on a cutting board, insert a cookie cutter into the center of the baked cakes and remove the center portion of cake. Leave one cake whole.

5. Place one cake with the hollowed-out center onto the serving plate. Apply a thin layer of icing and place another cake directly on top of it. Repeat this process with the cakes that have a hollowed-out center.

6. Pour the candy in the center of the cake, ice the last hollowed out layer of cake and top it with the remaining layer of cake.

7. Refrigerate the cake and ice it according to personal preference.

Secret Ingredient – Imagination. “The world is but a canvass to the imagination.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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