Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis

(May 12, 2023) This week we have the opportunity recognize Gold Badge member Ben Lewis. Ben retired after 35 years working as the director of quality assurances for America’s Division at the Crown, Cork and Seal Co. manufacturing plant in Fruitland, Maryland. He then started a 2nd career working for the Town of Ocean City as a supervisor at for the Public Works / Maintenance Division. Ben is currently retired and “living the dream” with his wife, Diane, in Roanoke, Virginia.

Ben has been a member of the OCVFC for 58 years. He served as a cadet from 1962 through 1963, joining the Volunteer Fire Company in the spring of 1965. Firefighter Lewis served in a variety of roles during his 29 years of active service, including both as a line officer and as an administrative officer.

As a line officer, he served as captain on the 1939 Persch 75-foot ladder truck; lieutenant on Engine 712, a 1967 Ford, and captain on our 1st Tanker, a 1974 International (This writer can vividly recall Firefighter Lewis responding on the Tanker to any fire in West Ocean City).

Administratively, Ben served on the board of directors and the Equipment Committee. He served as chairman of the Annual Banquet Committee for eight years. He also chaired the committee responsible for the gala celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company.

Firefighter Lewis remembers the expectation of young men living in Ocean City or West Ocean City during the ’50s, ’60s and ‘70s was to serve their community as volunteers in the Lions Club, the American Legion or the volunteer fire department.

He chose the OCVFC because it was action-filled, provided a brotherhood among all members, and most importantly, offered an opportunity to protect his community during any type of emergency.

Ben recalls the most significant events of his firefighting career to be the building fires on the Boardwalk during the ’70s. He also wanted to recognize his late wife, Sherry, and other members of the OCVFC Ladies Auxiliary, for providing hot drinks to the firemen battling those many multi-alarm fires during the long bitter cold nights.

Lewis said his greatest accomplishment as a member of the OCVFC was being provided the opportunity to serve his community and assist his friends and neighbors during their darkest time of need. He also wished to express his pride in the members and leadership of the OCVFC for their foresight and efforts in building a “state of the art” facility (Station #5) on Keyser Point Road in West Ocean City.

We salute and thank Firefighter Lewis for his years of service and dedication to the safety of the citizens and visitors to Ocean City.

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