Marvin Wayne “Bud” Timmons Sr.

Marvin Wayne “Bud” Timmons Sr.

(March 17, 2023) This week in our “Volunteer Spotlight” we recognize Firefighter Marvin Wayne “Bud” Timmons Sr.

Bud joined the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company to serve the community alongside his father, Marvin I. Timmons. The late Mr. Timmons was a 34-year Gold Badge member of the OCVFC. Bud’s son, Marvin Wayne Timmons Jr. is also an active member of the OCVFC. Bud has worked for many years as a maintenance carpenter for the Purnell Group in Ocean City.

Firefighter Timmons participated as a member of the OCVFC Cadet Program for two years before joining the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company as an active member in October 1978.

During his 38 years of active service to the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company he has served as an instructor for the cadet program and has been certified as an apparatus driver/operator. He currently serves as a Worcester County Fire Police Officer.

Bud cites the Tuesday morning fire of Jan. 29, 2002, that destroyed the original Hooper’s Crab House and Restaurant on the west side of the Route 50 bridge as the most significant event of his firefighting career.

Bud states that the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with our cadets and our younger firefighters as his greatest accomplishment in the fire service.

We thank Firefighter Timmons for his many years of service and commitment to the safety of his neighbors and visitors to our community.

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