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(April 19, 2019) I attended a Surfrider function recently that proved to be quite significant.  

The “function” was presented by the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation that promotes environmental activity, with consequential huge impact even on a world-wide level.  

The event was a showing of the film “Sonic Sea.” It was very interesting and ever so informative, all about how sound travels in the water, specifically the ocean. 

This was no little deal, in fact, it was huge. All mammals and fish are oriented and guided by sound, much, much more than by sight.  

Sound travels much farther by water than by air. Even on a human level, the difference is astounding. In the water, sound can traverse thousands of miles, so much more than in air.  

These two elements are such a different entity on this planet, all of it quite revealing due to this showing of the “Sonic Sea.”

Held at a small business in Berlin, the Burley Café was well attended. Complete with name tags, organizers of the group included Malcolm, Jane and Cindy, among others. The place was full.

Available food and drink completed the evening. Even a raffle was conducted along with paid donations.  

RyMac and Nancy ran the place connecting with all customers and Surfrider members and patrons.

The “Sonic Sea” fully illustrated the sound element at the ocean level.

Whales, dolphins and massive shipping vessels were all featured producing a cacophony of sound all across the planet.

Various experts were interviewed and consulted explaining ways in which this sound factor was significant. Having some basic knowledge of water and sound the movie produced another level of how and why showing the graduated attitude and attention of sound in water.

The degree to which this information can be gathered is nothing short of astounding, one in which our future will surely show a lot to learn. Interesting how something so seemingly obscure can effect so much. 

Going forward there will hopefully be plenty more to say regarding research and spreading awareness in understanding the sounds of the sea. The oceans of the Earth are apparently a metaphor for one gigantic, massive hall of acoustics.

The result of all of this sound has created quite the problem of pollution with horrific detrimental effect to all life in the sea. 

Attention needs to be paid to what has become a massive issue, not only in the sea but ultimately to us as a human species. 

Thanks for showing up. It was great for me to simply be in attendance. Take some time to check out 

“Sonic Sea.” It’s easy to access via Youtube on the Internet. 

Hopefully the next meeting of the Surfrider Foundation will be just as fulfilling and informative. 

No doubt that will be the case, come sound or high water. 

— Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop in Ocean City

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