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(Dec. 16, 2022) At this time of the year gift giving becomes prominent on the minds of plenty of people.

If a surfer is on your list there is a multitude of available items that can be had in a variety of price ranges.

The obvious gifts would be a surfboard, bodyboard or wetsuit, but any of these pieces of equipment would be on the higher end of the price range.

There are lots of other articles that any surfer would find useful and appreciated.

Aside from a board or wetsuit, one always needs wax for traction, or a leash to keep their board close by after a wipeout.

Wetsuit accessories come to mind. A pair of boots or gloves, a wetsuit cap or hood could go a long way in helping a year-round surfer get through the winter season.

Even an extra layer such as a light wetsuit vest or a rash guard could be a bonus for a little extra warmth.

Rash guards especially can be helpful in putting on a wetsuit and/or taking a wetsuit off.

Truth be told, some type of wetsuit gear is needed for more than half the year with some surfers using at least a minimal wetsuit piece all year long.

Other common but often overlooked items such as a substantial towel could come in handy.

Even a towel-like garment that would facilitate the changing of a wetsuit without exposing oneself could be an idea.

Repair material is available for small surfboard dings that come nicely packaged.

Some of this material is hardened by the sun and its ultra-violet rays.

It hardens quickly and isn’t affected by colder air temperatures, which can be quite the problem in the winter time.

Instructions generally come with these “kits” and most any knucklehead can achieve a decent repair.

How about the clothing side of things?

An obvious choice would be a garment for the water, such as a pair of board shorts or trunks.

But other obvious options would be a good ‘ol T-shirt, be it short or long sleeve.

Hooded sweatshirts are quite popular these days and have become more of a standard.

Also of note is headgear, be it of the baseball, beanie, or bush hat category.

How about a large, wide-brimmed straw hat to ward off those heavy duty sun rays that are so predominant in the summer?

Come to think of it, this type of headgear is even useful in the colder winter months on those bright sunny days.

All in all, there are many items that a surfer could use as a holiday gift.

Giving and receiving gifts is part of the season, a time honored tradition with plenty of sources in the area to obtain them.

I’m sure that small local businesses would appreciate the patronage and the customer would have the knowledge of keeping their business circulated in the local economy.

Even something as common as a five-gallon bucket would be helpful in transporting wet gear after a surf!

Happy gift giving and whatever one’s beliefs, a joyful season with good will to all.

— Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop in Ocean City.

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