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(Aug. 28, 2020) “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Sounds like a Christmas carol or television or radio ad doesn’t it?

Whereas it’s not Christmas just yet the pending fall season is apparent and at least a bit of a celebration for those that have endured another summer season.

Despite the covid-19 problems, civil unrest and political vagaries, fall gives this area all it has to offer.

Traffic usually becomes more reasonable, the humidity backs off and the air and water stay relatively warm.

There’s a feeling of relief and accomplishment, assuming at least a half decent summer season along with made money.

Even if that didn’t come up to standards there’s still the possibility of making it up with people coming to the area to enjoy the same fall season that most of us have become aware of.

The surf can also have more of an edge, more potential.

If we’re lucky, tropical storms and/or hurricanes can develop, stay far enough off the coast, not be a threat to the land and offer up decent swells for the surfer to revel in.

Restrictions are also lifted if not simply modified, and while it’s still important to keep an eye out and assist a fellow ocean goer in need, the beach gets that wide open offseason affect that constitutes most of the year.

As things cool down more wetsuit gear will be needed, maybe more of a suitable board for some of the hopefully bigger waves, but so what.

You’ve probably been wanting to upgrade equipment for these last few months anyway and are probably more in a monetary position to do so.

How about that day off or two that you’re been promised to be available assuming there’s enough staff around to fill such a void.

This year, with the covid-19 and so much “virtual schooling” going on this idea could well become more the rule than exception.

And with all of this happening and surfing being mostly an individual activity all of these mentioned notions should come together even more.

With so many school and recreation team sports being curtailed surfing becomes a natural.

With so much bad news as of late at least we have this fine season to look forward to and hopefully participate in. Go get it and go enjoy it!

– Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop in Ocean City

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