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(March 27, 2020) Note: This article is by no means meant to counter a recent sign I saw about the closing of the Ocean City beach and Boardwalk due to the corona virus.

It is only a suggestion to possibly cut down on the stress many people are experiencing.

I’d imagine that the authorities would allow a surfer to be in the water or a spectator on the beach. The idea is not to have groups of people congregate; the idea is for people to heed social distancing.

Granted, we experience warmer spring weather at inland locales, but the beach area is typically quite cool if not still cold during early spring.

It’s not Florida beach warm as a lot of spring break people have been attracted to; it’s more of a latent winter type atmosphere.

Logically, there would be minimal surfers in the water and minimal spectators on the beach.

This would help the social distancing factor, plus surfers in the water typically keep a safe distance from each other or at least should, if for no other reason than to simply be a safety factor.

To get hit by another’s board, never mind your own, is surely not the best idea.

But let’s take a different viewpoint.

With so much changing so quickly, maybe it’s best to keep up with surfing on the internet. There’s so much information available it can become overwhelming.

To further the notion of the viewer, the internet is a great source of many and various surfing videos, plus written articles that provide lots of information.

This can apply to the active or not so active surfer as well as the budding learner.

Now let’s say you are an active surfer but only to layoff in the coldest winter months. It could be quite some time before things open up.

Maybe it’s a good idea to do some physical conditioning to be ready when things change. Running, cycling, skateboarding, calisthenics, even walking are all good for the body, mind and spirit.

Books on surfing could be acquired or even revisited if one has a few in their possession.

Do you have a collection of magazines? That could be a source of connection.

How about a bit of “mind surfing,” if I may use the term? Anything to get in tune for your next session.

All of us are going through a tough time at present but surfing in any shape or form can hopefully help to relieve the strain of our situation.

– Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop

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