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(June 26, 2020) This coronavirus is no light matter. By now, that is more than obvious.

The beach and Boardwalk are now open and there is plenty of facility for exercise and activity, though on a much limited basis.

Surfing and any other water/wave-related activity is good exercise.

The idea is for more singular activity, though pairs, or even a few more probably acceptable, but social distancing must be adhered to. Use common sense.

Surfing alone is never the best idea, though sometimes the only alternative.

A small group as in two or three or so almost always a better idea, once again with social distancing and common sense being a common thread.

At this early spring time of the year the beach is, or can be, quite chilly indeed.

No doubt, this factor would probably cut down on a “larger crowd.”

Yes, the governor has issued a stay-home order, but if you can easily access the water it seems like that would be allowed.

This virus knows no barriers as of yet, but the sea and the waves, the sky and all of nature can still be taken in and enjoyed.

Anything to help mitigate the circumstances while adhering to orders from authorities will help, with social distancing being key to all activities.

To simply go out for a walk or bike ride can help ease things. Also, stay in touch with friends and family.

Books, magazines, games, conversation, internet, all can help to deal with the situation.

I can remember my grandmother talking about the Spanish Flu over a hundred years ago and how that was so devastating.

Undoubtedly, these times are just as difficult, but we will get through it.

Get in the water if you can, but please be mindful of rules and regulations.

My prayers go out to all of you, your friends and family. Be safe, stay healthy.

– Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop

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