Officer Krause

Officer Richard Krause displays the signed photo he received from beach patrol members George Schreiner and Adam Keh, in his office at Bel Air High School in Bel Air, on Thursday, Aug. 30

(Sept. 7, 2018) As the summer winds down and school starts up again, two best friends who joined the Ocean City Beach Patrol prepare for their first year of college, but not before sending a heartfelt gift to the man who encouraged them to become surf rescue technicians.

Officer Richard Krause is a resource officer at Bel Air High School, where he met George Schreiner and Adam Keh. Krause, a former Ocean City Beach Patrol surf rescue technician, recommended the boys become members of the beach patrol.

“I run a program called Explorers, which is scouts for police,” Krause said. “I mentor kids about becoming police officers or going into the military or in generally helping out society and being good productive people. Both of them were in my police explorer program and they were just bright, athletic and passionate smart kids who were definitely driven.

“They were graduating and they told me they were thinking about moving to Ocean City and thinking about looking for a job, and I said instantly, ‘Listen guys, there’s only one job you need to do, and this is what you need to do. You need to go out for Ocean City Beach Patrol,’” he continued. “They looked at me like, ‘Wow really?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, you guys are in shape, you need to start training for the swim, and this is what it’s all about.’”

The two trained for months in preparation of the test. Krause oversaw their progress and kept them motivated.

“If you talk about two kids that you wish you could claim as yours, this would be them,” Krause said. “Responsible, driven, motivated, caring, smart, funny and not a mean bone in their bodies. Really selfless kids…You would just glow if that was your kid.”

Schreiner passed the first test held in York, Pennsylvania. Keh missed the swim time limit by a few seconds, and redeemed himself at the second tryout held in College Park, Maryland. The two friends both ended up on Crew 15.

“We had no idea about the Ocean City Beach Patrol before he talked to us,” Keh said. “He said it was the best job he’s ever done and we’re like, ‘That’s a good idea.’ We had nothing else to do this summer.’ We got to the beach, went through the whole academy, and from there we were on the stand and it was so exciting. It really did change our lives, because I really want to do it next year and hopefully the year after that.”

“It was the best summer I’ve ever had,” Schreiner said.

The high school graduates loved the job so much, they sent Krause a picture of the 2018 Ocean City Beach Patrol signed, ‘Thank you for changing our lives.’

“They [even] went as far as to seek out the senior members who I worked with back in the day, and they all autographed it, like the captain, the lieutenants, the sergeant, everybody I used to work with,” Krause said.

“Krause was awesome,” Schreiner said. “That wasn’t meant to be cheesy or anything, we legitimately meant that.”

Schreiner gathered the signatures through the help of Debi Tyler, the secretary for Ocean City Beach Patrol, and who rented rooms to both teenagers.

“Thank you, Mrs. Debi, for all your help. I can’t thank you enough,” Schreiner said.

Keh is on a partial ROTC scholarship at Shippensburg University, in Pennsylvania, and plans to join the military police. Schreiner is now a student at Towson University. Both expressed their desire to return to the beach patrol. 

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