Les Munro joins his former Pine Tones choir members in singing a few of his favorite hymns during a celebration for his 108th birthday on Monday in Snow Hill.

(June 19, 2020) Snow Hill resident Leslie John Munro had a big day Monday, complete with a parade, honors, and recognition for having accomplished what most people can’t even contemplate: he celebrated his 108th birthday.

About 20 cars met in the parking lot at Harrison House, 430 W. Market Street, in Snow Hill at 2:30 p.m. The crowd departed at 2:45 p.m. for Wright’s house. Some participants decorated their cars with balloons and placards, and state Sen. Mary Beth Carozza and Snow Hill Mayor Gary Weber were there to commemorate Munro’s milestone.

It was the suggestion of Munro’s caregiver, Ruth Wright to stage the surprise parade, while Munro’s friends from Atlantic United Methodist Church, Jeffrey McArthur and June Todd, helped plan the festivities.

Known for his charming wit, Munro said the secret to living as long as he has is “I just keep breathing.”

Munro, who is believed to be the last surviving member of the 1934 crew that washed the 555 feet, five inches of the Washington Monument, went on to work in the life insurance for 40 years before retiring as an internal auditor.

When Munro moved to Ocean Pines with his wife Kathryn “Kitty,” he became involved in the religious community. 

Until he was 104, he attended Bible study weekly and went to church every Sunday.

For 35 years, he sang with the Pine Tones Chorus, which was formed by Todd.

Munro’s former members of the Ocean Pines singing group and a trumpet player serenaded him on his birthday with “Amazing Grace,” “America the Beautiful” and, of course, “Happy Birthday.”

Just like Todd said he could, Munro sang along in bass harmony. 

He also did a solo performance, singing “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Leslie, Happy Birthday to me.” 

Parade goers were allowed to wish Munro happy birthday and give him a card directly as long as they remained six feet apart. 

How did Munro spend the rest of his birthday? 

Probably watching baseball on his own TV. 

“That’s his job,” Wright joked. 

The public is invited to send him birthday cards at 4227 Keep Court Snow Hill, Maryland  21863.

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