(Sept 20, 2019) Believe in Tomorrow’s Children Foundation will hold its 18th annual Beach Bash on Monday, Sept. 23, at Seacrets on 49th Street.

The annual party, which includes food, beer, raffle prizes and the chance to win $10,000, raises funds for the Believe in Tomorrow facility on 66th Street, which is open year-round to provide a free getaway to the beach for critically ill children and their families whenever they may need to escape the stresses of their child’s illness.

“We have people that come down here from out of state [for the party],” said Wayne Littleton, Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation Beach Respite Housing Program coordinator. “I’ll get phone calls one or two, maybe even three where people say, ‘Did you set the date for the Seacrets’ event yet? We want to make sure we book a room.’”


Guests are served samples of pasta and slices of chicken from a participating restaurant during the 18th annual Beach Bash at Seacrets on 49th Street last year.

More than 40 restaurants are expected to showcase their specialties or off-season menus during the event. Seacrets, which hosts the event, and Harborside Bar and Grille have participated in the bash since its inception. As of earlier this week, 32 restaurants had signed up for the event.

“Once we get the restaurants locked in, everything else kind of falls into place,” Littleton said. “I’ll try to find a couple new places that open up in town. If you’re a year-round business, there is no better form of advertising than the Seacrets event, because 90 percent of the crowd is local.”

Last year, more than 700 people attended the Beach Bash, which raised approximately $45,000 for Believe in Tomorrow, Littleton said.

The party includes many activities such as a silent auction and mystery boxes provided by Park Place Jewelers for $10 a chance. Local band Full Circle will perform during the event. 

A treasure chest raffle will also take place. One hundred keys will be sold for $20 each for a chance to unlock one of three different chests, all holding random prizes ranging from $500 to $1,000 in value.

The Beach Bash also features a raffle with a $10,000 prize for two lucky winners, which will be determined during the lottery game. Only 225 tickets are available per raffle, and there will be five $500 winners for each game. Tickets cost $100. Two sets of the raffle will be available this year. 

Winners will be told not to donate any of their prize back to the charity, Littleton said.

“We encourage people not to donate because it helps with sales,” he said. “The worst thing that happens is when somebody donates it back … because it puts pressure on others to do the same and not everybody is in a position to be able to do that.

“I’ve had people say to me before, well, you know, I don’t want a ticket because I feel like I’ll be [pressured] to give it back,” Littleton continued. “So we really do encourage people, especially with our 50/50s, that you’re not allowed to donate it. If you insist on donating it back, then you come see me after the event and not in front of everybody.”

Littleton is always looking for new ideas to draw in more guests, especially the younger generation.

Other activities will take place as well, but according to Littleton, you have to be there to find out.

“We like to have a little fun,” he said. “I throw a few surprises in. No one will know until the night of the event, not even my staff.”

Tickets come close to selling out every year and can be purchased in advance for $50 by calling Littleton at 410-723-2842. Or, buy tickets at the door on Sept. 23 for $55 for the food sampling, or $100 for the food sampling plus the raffle.

Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation provides hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families. Since 1982, Believe in Tomorrow has provided over 900,000 individual overnight accommodations, from every state in the U.S. and more than 82 countries worldwide.

The Believe in Tomorrow facility on 66th Street has four condos that feature kid-friendly décor and paintings with at least two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a fully-stocked kitchen, living and dining room areas.

Families can also vacation at the Believe in Tomorrow House in Fenwick Island, Delaware, and House by the Bay on 28th Street in Ocean City. By the end of next year, a new facility is expected to be completed on 65th Street.

Learn more about Believe in Tomorrow at http://believeintomorrow.org or call Littleton at 443-978-0680.

Participating restaurants (as of earlier this week):

1. Bad Monkey

2. Ocean 13

3. Iron Horse

4. Sunset Grille

5. Outback Steakhouse

6. Boxcar 40

8. Shotti’s Point

9. Seacrets

10. Haborside Bar and Grill

11. Residence Inn by Marriott

12. Off the Hook Restaurant Group

13. Dumsers Ice Cream

14. The Shrimp Boat

15. 28th Pit N’ Pub

16. The Reel Inn

17. Pickles Pub

18. Smoker’s BBQ

19. Surfside Rooster

20. Desserts by Rita

21. Sweet Disposition

22. Fisher’s Popcorn

23. Eastern Shore Coffee and Water

EVO Craft Brewing and Public House

24. Market Street Inn

25. Coastal Café

26. Bourbon Street on the Beach

27. Dry 85

28. Matteo’s Salsa Loco

29. Primo Hoagie

30. Touch of Italy

31. Dunkin’ Donuts

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