Abigail Yesko has contributed to the Sokolov Honors College Transcribing Club and earned the designation transcriber for service to the group. Yesko is a forensic science major from Berlin.

The club recently reached a new milestone, logging 10,000 pages transcribed and 1,000 hours served just prior to the start of fall semester.

The Transcribing Club is made up of honors students who volunteer together to preserve history by transcribing documents in partnership with the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.

SU Dean’s List

Some 2,195 students were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at Salisbury University. To qualify, students must earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of letter-graded coursework during the semester.

Worcester County residents who earned a spot on the list were:

Berlin: Niko Alexander, Jude Al-Hamad, Jason Alton, Matthew Bagrowski, Andrew Baker, Sarah Beesley, Olivia Bescak, Sarah Bianca, Alexis Black, Lindsay Brittingham, Ian Burak, Laura Carpenter, Areyhon Collick, Tyler Cook, Taylor Curran, Liam Deck, Macy Dietrich, George Eppard-Annis, Danee’ Erb, Brianna Fleischmann, Alec Foote, Justine Graham, Kirsten Graham, William Groome, Marissa Grosso, Erica Hall, Katelyn Hancock, Jonathon Hanley, Mary Helmuth, Johnathan Howell, Kaitlyn Jones, Victoria Koslosky, Caroline Kurtz, Kevin Ladd, Jillian Massey, Nathaniel McIntyre, Amelia McKahan, Cara Mumford, Savannah Nilo, Elaina Parsons, Roxanne Parsons, Jonathan Petito, Hailee Phillips, Chase Porter, Allyson Possident, Eli Rush, Kyla Scherlag, Kayla Smith, Taylor Swanson, Michal Szczesny, Zachary Tilton, Jaya Tyre, Vicky Vazquez, Zoe Watson, Amber Whittaker and Zachary Wilson.

Bishopville: Kailey Andrews, Brett Berquist, Shane Cioccio, Zachary Cioccio, Matthew Clark, Theodore Cooper, Kaitlyn Custer, Logan Gordy, Sofia Gordy, Allison Jones, Damian Lockhart, Andre Nieto Jaime, Jacob Orash, Caroline Savage, Hannah Suplee and Mick Taylor.

Ocean City: Julissa Astudillo-Cuevas, Sivan Cohen, William Cordial, Liangliang DiFilippo, John Ford, Diana Grechukhina, Sarah Hancock, Sarah Harding, Menelaos Harris, Megan Hurley, Prakriti Khadgi Shahi, Sibel Lorentz, Jenna McLaurin, Asil Omar, Analynn Redding, Zina Sbih and David Walsh.

Ocean Pines: Joshua Miller.


More than 280 students have been accepted into the College of Charleston Honors College for the fall 2021 school year, including Bridget Kemp of Berlin and Katharine McCormick of Bishopville.

McCormick plans to major in psychology at the South Carolina university, while Kemp is currently undecided.

President’s list

Cristina Jones of Berlin, was named to Southern New Hampshire University’s President’s List for the summer session.

Eligibility for the president’s list requires that a student accumulate an academic grade point average (GPA) of 3.7-4.0 and earn 12 credits for the term.


The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City is selling its “Kiwanis Lottery Raffle” tickets every week at the Saturday Ocean Pines Farmers Market from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. in White Horse Park.

The “Lottery Raffle” is 1,000 tickets numbered #000 through #999 sold for $20 each entitling the purchaser 365 chances to win all year 2022, based on the Maryland “Pick 3” daily evening drawing.

Funds raised benefit local youth. Visit for more information.


Anna Putsch, of Berlin, received the Jeanette and C. William Gilchrist Art Scholarship for study at Frostburg State University.


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