(March 15, 2019) Rita Conestabile, of Ocean City, received her big break when her original song, “When It’s Over,” was selected for the Amazon Prime Emmy award-winning daytime drama series, “The Bay.”

The track was chosen by the director over several submissions from various artists, to be the soundtrack in episode five of season four of the drama.

“The reception has been fantastic,” Conestabile said. “The local community here gets behind you and really uplifts you.”

The song came to life last August with the help of several musicians on the Eastern Shore, including Michael Smith, Lauren Glick, Conner Poole and Chris Poole.


Rita Conestabile, of Ocean City, performs her released song “When It’s Over,” to an audience at Bourbon Street on the Beach on 116th Street, Sunday, March 10.

Music has always been a passion for Conestabile, but she had put her dreams on hold until very recently. 

“I’ve been singing and writing songs for the last 25 years,” Conestabile said. “However, I raised a family instead of pursuing my career, so anything that I’ve written had just been kind of shelved.”

Conestabile found much of her musical inspiration from classic bands like the Beatles, and blues rock.

More songs are planned in the future, with recording sessions beginning as early as next week, where Conestabile hopes to collaborate with Smith once again.

“I booked some more studio time for March 25,” Conestabile said. “I’m going to crank them out and just keep it going.”

The singer is also in the process of publishing a poetry book, hopefully by September. 

Conestabile premiered her song and the episode of “The Bay” at Bourbon Street on the Beach on 116th Street, to a crowd of supporters last Sunday. She then performed a short concert for the patrons of the bar with other original songs.

The episode featuring “When It’s Over” is up for Emmy nominations for best actor, and Conestabile will be attending the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on May 5.

“I’m just very grateful for the support of the community because it’s really awesome to be uplifted by fellow musicians that I admire in this town especially,” Conestabile said. “And to have an establishment like Bourbon Street and [its] owner be happy for you and help support the cause is just awesome.”

The song can be purchased or listen to on Spotify and Amazon Music. The episode of “The Bay” with her song is available on Amazon Prime.

To hear more of Conestabile’s songs, visit her YouTube page.

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