(Aug. 16, 2019) Becoming a surf rescue technician for the Ocean City Beach Patrol is strenuous and competitive, but that did not stop three siblings from joining the department.


Three siblings from the Cope family, of Salisbury, are on three different crews in the Ocean City Beach Patrol. Pictured, from left, are Hannah, 18, Jacob, 20, and Jeremy, 18

Hannah, 18, Jeremy, 18, and Jacob Cope, 20, from Salisbury, have joined the Beach Patrol at various stages of their lives, but all three enjoy what they do: helping people and working on the beach.

“I joined because I saw how much fun (Jacob) was having and he was part of something and I thought, ‘Wow, I want to be a part of that.’” Hannah, who’s part of Crew Three, said. “I decided at the last minute to try out and I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I did and I’m glad that I did and now I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Hannah and Jeremy are triplets, though their other sister had no interest in joining beach patrol. Hannah joined the patrol last year, while Jeremy made the cut this year.

The two younger siblings were inspired by Jacob, who works with Crew One.

“My friends told me to try out for this test and I tried out and I love it,” Jacob said. “It changed my life. It’s definitely one of the best jobs.”

Jacob has gone through the ranks, starting at Junior Beach Patrol when he was 17, to becoming a surf rescue technician the following year and has become an assistant crew chief. According to Jacob, there has not been much of a difference between the two roles.

“I’m just people’s bosses but I’m still with the same people I’ve been with for three years, so we’re pretty close, and I know they’re good guards so it’s nothing I have to worry about,” Jacob said. “I just do more scheduling, make more workouts and take care of the radio.”

Hannah had also participated in Junior Beach Patrol for one year and enjoyed the progress as well as the chance to do something productive over the summer.

“It feels good to help people and save people,” Hannah said. “I would definitely recommend this for someone to do over the summer.”

Jeremy was the last of the Cope trio to join the Beach Patrol, though he had attempted to join last year when his sister had.

He failed the fitness test last year due to illness, but was able to train and redeem himself this year, landing himself in Crew Two.

“It’s like one big family, so it’s like the best job ever,” Jeremy said. “Anybody, no matter who you are, come out and try out.”

All three plan to continue with the Beach Patrol next summer.

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