Dame Barbara Windsor memorial to take place next year
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A memorial for Dame Barbara Windsor will take place next year.

The 'Carry On' actress died in December aged 83 but just 30 people were able to attend her funeral in January due to coronavirus restrictions, so her widower Scott Mitchell is keen to plan a bigger celebration of her life, though he needs to "process" his grief first.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I’m definitely getting something together for next year.

“I have to give myself time - it’s only been nine months since she passed. I’m still processing it.

“But there will be something next year. We’ll make sure all her friends who couldn’t be at the funeral can get together and remember her.”

The 'Carry On' star was honoured on her birthday last month when Scott unveiled a plaque in tribute to her, and he admitted it was a "difficult" moment.

He said: “I was always going to be a difficult day - I just wanted to do the best I could and do something for Barbara and let her know she was in my thoughts.”

Meanwhile, Ross Kemp - who delivered the eulogy at Barbara's funeral - revealed he has a special memento of his 'EastEnders' on-screen mother in his office to remember his beloved friend.

He said: "I have a picture of her in my office, she gave that picture to me virtually when I first met her.

“It’s of her in her twenties, it has a special message.

"She’s timeless, we are very flippant, transient and in a disposable kind of time, sadly, as you can see by all he plastic that washes up in the ocean, but she is pretty timeless.

“I hope that people will carry on remembering what a great person she was."

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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