(July 6, 2018) Hold onto your funny bones, because comedians Johnny Watson and Myke Green have returned for a fourth season at the Princess Royale’s Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club.

The comedy show takes place Tuesdays through Sundays at 9 p.m. at the 91st Street hotel until Sept. 2.

“Ocean City’s great,” said Watson, who is performing alongside Green for the third summer. “The people that come down and visit are great. We’ve developed a fan base that seem to like the show and keep coming back, and it’s become part of my career.”

The duo will discuss their life experiences, journeys, failed marriages and tell stories about struggles in life during a 90-minute or longer show, which all depends on the audience and guest comedians, Watson said.

“I am dysfunctional and edgy,” he added. “I like to call it ‘observational personal’ [humor].”

Returning for the second year, Ken Petrini, who lives in Ocean City during the summer, will be master of ceremonies and emcee.

“I am the persona of an arrogant lawyer who thinks he’s humble,” Petrini, a retired lawyer, said. “I might have the dirtiest material of the three of us, in terms of the subject matter, although my language is by far the cleanest because I don’t curse at all. I love doing that kind of material, which shocks people that it’s coming from a middle-aged lawyer on stage.”

The comedy show will no longer hold joke-offs at the beginning of each night this year. Last year, when guest comedians were not in attendance, the show began with a joke-off where audience members came on stage to deliver their best joke.

“We stopped doing it last year because it was cutting into the show too much and the show was running too long,” Petrini said. “Typically, if the three of us are there we won’t do it and clearly if we have a guest we won’t do it.”

Watson enjoys performing in Ocean City and has made close friends during his many visits to the resort.

“Bill ‘Jake’ Jacobs and Gary Waite and the rest of the tennis gang have been big supporters of the show since I’ve been down here,” Watson said. “They’re my tennis buddies. There’s a big tennis group that plays down at the [Ocean City] courts all summers. I’ve gotten to be really good friends with them and Bill has been like a father figure for me. He’s just been great and same with Gary and the gang.

“I had to get a tooth done and Gary fixed up my tooth, so because of him, my teeth will look great on Netflix,” he continued. “And [Bill’s] been a great friend and a great mentor and just a great guy, and it’s always a pleasure to have them at the show.”

The shows are generally geared toward adults with some of its content containing topics on dating and divorce, dysfunctional parents, the military, kids, conversation filth or swearing.

“The participating acts are great, and, it’s a night away from home,” Watson said.

Watson and Green are no strangers to the comedic world and have both performed in all 50 states for more than a decade.

Watson has been performing for 17 years and credits the last seven consecutive summers of Princess Royale comedy shows for helping his career.

“[Comedy has] been a calling for me. It’s been a way to deal with issues since I was a child, and now this is what I do,” Watson said. “I have no plan B. This is what I’m supposed to do and what I love to do. It’s that simple.”

The Princess Royale turns its banquet room into a comedy club with curtains, spotlights and pictures of comedians hanging on the walls.

“For the first five years of the show I was purely a spectator and I think the reason why people should come is it’s the only real comedy show in Ocean City,” Petrini said. “It’s really the only real comedy show anywhere along the Maryland-Delaware coast…”

Comedy shows run every night except Monday, starting at 9 p.m. in the Palmetto Ballroom of the Princess Royale Hotel on 91st Street. Tickets cost $25 per person with two sodas included or $30 with two alcoholic drinks included.

Audience members should arrive and be seated at 8:30 p.m., when doors open.

The shows lasts roughly an hour and a half and will run through Sept. 3. Though children won’t be turned away, the show contains adult content and language with a suggested age of 16 and over.

The Princess Royale also offers a dinner special for attendees in Schooners Oceanfront restaurant. For more information, call 410-723-4242.

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