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Over the next few weeks a fresh batch of vintage postcard images are being installed next to the “Greetings From Ocean City,” display on the side of Fun City Arcade by the Caroline Street entrance to the Boardwalk.

Cover: Image courtesy OCDC

Postcard with a gaggle of Victorian-era women experiencing aquatic adventures will be included among a handful of updated images about to be installed on the brick wall outside of Fun City Arcade.


(Aug. 2, 2019) Historical Ocean City images are slated for installation on the brick wall outside Fun City Arcade, downtown near the Caroline Street entrance to the Boardwalk.

Fun City owners JELAR Corporation and proprietor Jerry Greenspan are collaborating with the Ocean City Development Corporation, through its Public Art Program, to replace a handful of smaller postcard images, which are beginning to fade. They run west from the oversized “Greetings From Ocean City” image on the building’s northeast corner.

Ocean City Development Corporation Executive Director Glenn Irwin said while the larger postcard image was refreshed within the last five years the slightly-smaller lineup was installed in 2004 as part of the Public Art Program.

“Over time, those large postcards have faded and needed to be repaired,” he said. “The one we are not replacing is the really big one people get their pictures in front of [that reads], ‘Greetings from Ocean City.’”

Irwin said the week before last Greenspan removed and disposed of the dozen-year-old images.

“Last week he had his guys power wash the building wall and seal it,” he said.

Irwin said the updated images were sourced with assistance from the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, which provided four of the five historic pictures selected to display. The final picture was provided by Greenspan.

“The public art committee selected with Jerry what images will be placed up there,” Irwin said.

The displays outside Fun City are reminiscent of, but different from, wall murals depicting beach scenes from yesteryear, Irwin said.

“This one is actually applied to a backboard and will be installed onto the brick,” he said. “So, it’s not an actual wall mural.”

Irwin said the original images were scanned and enlarged in high resolution by Jack Curry with Signs Illustrated in Bishopville.

“Jack does a lot of stuff for the town and OCDC,” he said. “The first postcard may be installed this weekend by Signs Illustrated, with the other four installed shortly afterwards.”

Ocean City Museum Society President Nancy Howard said the Life-Saving Station Museum’s extensive collection of historic relics, including a wealth of postcard greetings mailed home from the shore over the past hundred-plus years, proves a vital resource time and time again.

“That’s what’s so important about the museum,” she said. “We capture and save those things for future generations.”

Howard said as more time passes what strikes many as antiquated today may seem entirely foreign to subsequent visitors.

“Imagine how a hundred years from now, people will go, ‘Wow, I wonder what this was,’” she said.

Irwin said the project would be completed within the next few weeks, while noting the group’s public art committee has already designated the wall mural on Dorchester Street as a forthcoming update project.

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