(Nov. 29, 2019) More than 100 nonprofit and charity organizations on the Lower Shore will participate in the fourth annual Shore Gives More event, a 24-hour online donation campaign starting on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 3.

The campaign is managed locally by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and assists nonprofits serving Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties.

“The origin of philanthropy … the meaning of it is ‘love of humanity,’” Victoria Kent, Community Foundation marketing director, said. “You see that so much in this area. We’re lucky too that there’s nonprofits that work together in the Lower Shore and there’s nonprofits that work in a smaller geographic area. This is capacity building for nonprofits … it is amazing to see how they come together, work together and see each other learn and grow.”


Ocean City Development Corporation receives the most money collected as well as the largest single donation during the Giving Tuesday fundraising event last year. Pictured, from left, are Bill Gibbs and Kevin Gibbs of Dough Roller Restaurants, and Glenn Irwin, Executive Director of the OCDC.

The Community Foundation vets each participating organization to ensure current tax-exempt status and service to the Lower Shore area, and an online donation portal offers an easy way for donors to quickly learn about individual nonprofits and make as many donations as they would like in one online checkout.

Nonprofits are given access to online fundraising platforms, marketing campaigns and incentive prizes. The Community Foundation provides the services at no cost to the groups, while nonprofits cover standard credit card processing fees.

Last year, 99 organizations participated and about $171,000 was raised overall.

“The Shore Gives More campaign is a wonderful opportunity to learn about nonprofits while you make a donation that supports local causes right here in our community,” Kent said. “Through our one-stop online donation shop you can easily give a gift to multiple nonprofits in Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties all in one convenient check out.”

Last year, Assateague Coastal Trust was the top fund raiser, garnering 19 donations for a total of $17,895. Worcester County Education Foundation had the largest numbers of donors, with 166 individuals giving a total of $6,165.

“We were thrilled with the results,” Kent said. “The great part about Giving Tuesday is that each nonprofit can customize their strategy to meet their needs and appeal to their donors. Each year we enjoy watching the great creativity area nonprofits bring to the table.”

There are 29 Worcester County charities and nonprofits participating in the Shore Gives More campaign this year. They include: The Art League of Ocean City, Assateague Coastal Trust, The CRICKET Center, Diakonia, Ocean City Development Corporation, Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum and the Worcester County Education Foundation.

Software purchased by the Community Foundation allows donors to schedule their gifts in advance of the event and provides supporters the option of giving to multiple nonprofits at once.

“Each year, we are enhancing the support and tools we are able to provide participating nonprofits,” Kent said. “For nonprofits that may have limited budgets or resources, these tools can make a big impact on getting the word out about what they do and reaching new potential donors who might not otherwise hear about them. Software upgrades, marketing tool kits and training sessions are all valuable resources we work to grow every year.”

While Giving Tuesday will take place on Dec. 3, donors can pre-register their donations between now and Tuesday at the Shore Gives More website. 

While the donation will still go through on Dec. 3, this feature will help people make sure they don’t miss the event.

For more information or to participate early in the Shore Gives More online Giving Tuesday campaign, visit shoregivesmore.org.

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