(Jan 3, 2020) After months of construction, the deck for the Believe in Tomorrow House on the Bay on 28th Street is finished thanks in part to the Team Depot Foundation.

The outdoor deck for the Bay House was falling apart after years of wear and tear, and was completed renovated with help from Home Depot’s Team Depot Foundation.

home depot

Employees from the Dover Home Depot begin to lay down the boards needed to complete the back deck for the Believe in Tomorrow House on the Bay on 28th Street, Thursday, Dec. 5.

“Home Depot has a division called Team Depot for the Team People Foundation,” Adam Dempster, store manager for the Home Depot in Dover, Delaware, said. “What we look for are community partners, whether it be veteran-based or nonprofit-based partners, that are looking for things to be done around their homes or properties. Believe in Tomorrow is something that we’ve been partners with for a lot of years.”

The foundation works to improve the homes and lives of U.S. veterans, train skilled tradespeople to fill the labor gap and support communities affected by natural disasters. Since 2011, the foundation has invested more than $315 million in veteran causes and improved more than 45,000 veteran homes and facilities in 4,300 cities.

In 2018, the foundation pledged an additional $250 million to veteran causes taking the total commitment to half a billion dollars by 2025.

The project is nationwide, across all 2,500 Home Depot stores.

The foundation is comprised of Home Depot employees who work on the various projects across the country during their days off. In addition to the work being done to the house, Believe in Tomorrow also received a grant from Home Depot as well, which covered the cost of the project and then some.

The grant was also able to cover the cost of work inside the house, including new appliances for the kitchen area, new cabinets, countertops and new floors.

Four local Home Deports coordinated the construction, comprised of Dover, Rehoboth, Salisbury and West Ocean City. Work began on the project around August 2018, and officially finished construction Friday, Dec. 20.

“The saltwater had rotted the wood down … it’s most likely that was the original deck that was on the home,” Dempster said. “It was barely hanging in there, which we had to address to get the deck back up to code and to meet all the requirements. Finally, a year later, we’re able to finish this thing.”

With construction complete, the house was ready to accept a new family for the week on Dec. 20, according to Respite House Coordinator Wayne Littleton.

“It’s great that Home Depot is sponsoring the project. They’ve done a wonderful job ... it looks great,” Littleton said. “We do Christmas for as many families as we can during the holidays. Our families are going to have a wonderful Christmas.”

Dempster, a Believe in Tomorrow supporter, is also pleased with the results.

“They’ve been amazing to work with,” he said. “We’ve done a lot of projects in the Baltimore region, but this is the first project we’ve done on the shore for them.”

Littleton returned the compliment.


The Believe in Tomorrow House on the Bay on 28th Street deck was completed Friday, Dec. 20, after a year’s worth of construction donated by the Home Depot Foundation. The Home Depot Foundation works to improve the homes and lives of U.S. veterans, train skilled tradespeople to fill the labor gap and support communities impacted by natural disasters as well as provide support for local nonprofits.

“It’s very nice what Home Depot did for us. It’s a very expensive project and they took care of everything,” Littleton said. “It’s a wonderful organization. It was worth the wait to make sure everything is safe for our families. Between Home Depot and Northern Restorations, they’ve done a terrific job there. I appreciate what Home Depot and Northern Restorations have done.

“I’m very lucky that a lot of wonderful people support us,” he continued. “Everyone’s been extremely generous during the holidays.”

Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation provides hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families.

Since 1982, Believe in Tomorrow has provided more than 900,000 individual overnight accommodations, from every state in the U.S. and more than 82 countries worldwide.

The Believe in Tomorrow facility on 66th Street in Ocean City is open year-round to provide a free getaway to the beach for critically ill children and their families whenever they may need to escape the stresses of their child’s illness. Each of the four condos feature kid-friendly décor and paintings with at least two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a fully-stocked kitchen, living and dining room areas.

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