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(Feb. 21, 2020) National recording artist and Ocean City native, Jimmy Charles, released his new song, “Never Had A Bad Day,” on Feb. 14.

Although it was Valentine’s Day, Charles said “this ain’t no love song.”

“Never Had A Bad Day” is a fun song that represents positivity, inspiration and people just having a good time, he added.

It’s a song about changing your way of thinking, being positive, and ultimately changing your life for the better, Charles said.

“I want people to focus on the good in their lives instead of dwelling on the negative. It really can change your whole life. I’ve experienced it,” Charles said.

After listening to “Never Had A Bad Day” fans will see a different side to Charles’ artistry.

This song isn’t just touching his country fans. Fans of all genres are adding it to their playlists.

The song has already gained the attention of popular Ocean City deejays, and it can be heard over the airways.

“Never Had A Bad Day” came to life after Charles had a conversation with friend, Erik Baylis, founder of Never Had a Bad Day in My Life, a 501c-3 nonprofit focused on assisting families struggling to pay medical bills for their children’s cancer treatments.

Baylis was drawn to Charles because of his philanthropic work with cancer across the country.

Being a survivor himself and crediting positivity to winning his battle, Baylis became a huge fan of Charles’ music and wanted to collaborate with him to collectively do more to support those battling.

It was through Baylis sharing his journey with Charles that “Never Had A Bad Day” was born.

“I wasn’t living life correctly and had an awful outlook,” Baylis said. “After I was diagnosed and went through treatment, looking back on my life I decided I had ‘Never Have a Bad Day in my Life.’ I changed my outlook on life and used all my energy to do good for others, then everything else followed.”

Charles said calling co-writer Cale Hoelzeman on this project was the perfect fit.

“Its been my dream to continue to inspire people with my music and to be able to help a cause like this is just icing on the cake,” he said.

Charles, a Stephen Decatur High School graduate, was a 2019 TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans) Award winner, presented by the JCI USA for using his music to positively impact the world.

His song and video, “Superman,” trended No. 1 with CMT and the song about the journey of a cancer survivor has helped him save lives across the nation traveling from coast to coast as Zero The End of Prostate Cancer’s national ambassador.

“Never Had A Bad Day” is currently streaming on all digital outlets, including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Pandora.

A portion of the publishing and streaming royalties are donated to the charity.

“You can literally help these families by streaming the song, so add it to your playlist,” Charles said.

Charles asks everyone to share the song and upcoming video to spread the message of positivity and get motivated in life.

Charles will be back to the area in May on dates surrounding Memorial Day weekend. For more information about Charles, visit his official website at www.jimmycharlesmusic.com or check out his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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