(June 12, 2020) Worcester County Library is hosting a film series called Seclusion Cinema that invites people to explore a new medium during their time in isolation.


Jennifer Ranck

“We thought this idea might encourage people to try something new and share their creativity,” said Worcester County Library Director Jennifer Ranck. 

All ages can make and enter a short film to be featured on the library’s Facebook page.

The film series was created as a way “to connect with our patrons and continue with programming in a virtual environment,” Ranck said.

Ranck added that several employees at the Ocean City branch, who are “film aficionados,” brainstormed the idea.

Worcester County Library is accepting submissions throughout its closure of all five branches due to covid-19.

Submissions must be five minutes or less and filmed exclusively on the filmmaker’s property to maintain social distancing. 

The other guidelines are to avoid the use of violence, profanity, adult content, drug content or weapons as well as the use of copyrighted images, music, effects or sounds without credited permission by the material’s author or creator.

“Royalty free” images, music, effects or sounds are permitted, but must be credited.

The short films can be edited through software such as Apple’s iMovie, Microsoft’s Movie Maker or Shortcut. 

Some submissions have already been posted on Worcester County Library Facebook, including an instructional video for special effects makeup and puppetry.

Submissions should be uploaded to dropbox.com/request/du7daqVdxOvXe1KbXRUG. 

For more information, visit worcesterlibrary.org.

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