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Melissa Kelly and her dog, Grover, have been coming to Dan Reynolds’ Dogtel-Hotel on West Ocean City for 17 years.

(Aug. 10, 2018) For Melissa Kelly, dropping off her Shepherd mix, Grover, at Dogtel-Hotel on the way to Ocean City has become a routine.

Kelly has been taking Grover, now 17 years old, to Dogtel-Hotel since he was a puppy. During her trips to Ocean City from Brooklyn, Kelly drops Grover off and stays about a week and half in Ocean City.

“My family comes here every year for vacation, so we have been coming since I was a small child and kept the tradition,” she said. “When I got a dog when I was in my early 20’s it was the same year that the Dogtel-Hotel opened.

“I happen to have a friend who worked at the newspaper down here. The very first article about them she wrote.” Kelly continued. “She told me about Dogtel-Hotel after she wrote about it. It was perfect because this way my dog is close by, happy, and taken care of. We could also take him out to the beach.”

Kelly said Dogtel-Hotel is a very friendly place.

“The same faces are here every year, and they take really great care of the dogs,” she said. “It’s great that you could come and go, and visit them and take them out.”

The Dogtel-Hotel, which opened in 2001 in West Ocean City, provides a home-away-from-home setting, with luxury accommodations.

“We opened a dog hotel because there [was] nothing down here. There [were] no kennels here,” owner Dan Reynolds said.

“We have day care that pretty much runs all day long,” Reynolds added. “Some work [employees do here] includes keeping the dogs happy and clean. A lot of the owners here they trust us.”

The prices for dog daycare starts at $20, and for overnights it is anywhere from $25 to $50. The business can also accommodate cats, birds, rabbits and other pets.

For more information about Dogtel-Hotel, call 410-213-8188 or visit

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