(May 24, 2019) The Ocean City mayor and council session on May 6 led off with a proclamation to recognize a mother-son team for their accomplishments.

Sen. Mary Beth Carozza said it was a big deal to be back in the resort after the recent legislative session to recognize Sanji Ramnarain as the 2018 Good Sports Coach of the Year and her son, Finn, as the 2018 Good Sports Player of the Year provided by the Mid-Atlantic Recreation and Parks Sports Alliance.

According to the meeting packet, Sanji coaches seventh and eighth grade soccer in the Saturday Youth League for Ocean City Recreation and Parks. Her son participates in the Youth Indoor Soccer League on Saturdays at Northside Park, and also plays in soccer and futsal tournaments.

“I really appreciate this opportunity … to recognize this unique mother-son team,” Carozza said. “This is a big deal and that’s why I have made the effort in Annapolis to try to be there in person.”

She underscored, “how special it is for a mother and son to receive this award.”

“To receive an award like this, you have to earn this reward,” Carozza said, adding Finn had a great attitude, was respectful to coaches and worked with younger athletes.

“He’s a role model,” she said. “And then, you see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Carozza said Sanji made athletics fun and about teamwork, and encouraged players to do their best.

“It’s everything. It’s the long day, it’s being patient, it’s being dedicated,” she said. “It really is a very unique opportunity to be able to present to you Senate citations from the Maryland General Assembly.

“Just on a personal note, it’s bringing back many years, because my father was a coach … right here in this building, when there was a gym,” Carozza said. “All those memories [were] made right here.”

Carozza also recognized Al “Hondo” Handy, who recently retired from the city recreation and parks department after nearly 40 years. She gave Handy citations both from the Maryland Senate and Gov. Larry Hogan.

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