(Nov. 9, 2018) As the weather gets cooler, area residents and visitors will still be able to enjoy perusing locally-grown produce and homemade goods at the new indoor farmer’s market in Ocean Pines, which opens this Sunday.

Around 20 vendors will display their goods in a greenhouse at Bluebird Farms, located on 11207 Racetrack Road, near Ocean Pines.

“Nancie [Corbett] … she owns Bluebird Farms … we’ve known each other and she was celebrating her five-year anniversary of Bluebird Farms,” Farmer’s Market Organizer Robin Caldwell said. “I did the catering and while I was there, I said, ‘Nancie what do you do with that beautiful huge greenhouse during the winter,’ because it was empty at the time.

“She said, ‘Well, I really don’t do anything. I do Christmas trees in the winter and wreaths,’” Caldwell continued. “I was in there and it was just so warm and beautiful and it was cool outside. The next day I called her and said, ‘Nancie, how about if we make a beautiful indoor farmer’s market,’ especially because there’s a need for it.”


Robin Caldwell, a resident of Ocean Pines, stands inside the Bluebird Farms greenhouse, located on 11207 Racetrack Road, where a new indoor farmer’s market will take place Sunday, Nov. 11.

Caldwell is a caterer who often spends her Saturdays at the Ocean Pines farmer’s market in White Horse Park. However, as the weather turns colder, she came up with the idea to create an indoor market to escape the cold and continue to enjoy the products sold by local artisans and farmers.

“I feel the winters around here can get a little bit long so just having something people can go to on a Sunday will be great,” Caldwell said. “The local vendors just do not want to be a vendor in the farmer’s market in the winter. It’s just too cold. We’re not trying to compete with anybody, we’re just trying to offer the services and the products in the winter months.”

Another motivator for Caldwell was the rainy summer which washed out potential profits on several weekends.

“This year it got rained out a lot and it’s disappointing when it happens,” she said.

Activities are being planned during the indoor market, such as visits from Santa Claus every Sunday during December, and wreath-making classes until the new year.

“We will be having a lot of different activities,” Caldwell said. “In January, we’re going to keep it going and we’re doing indoor goat yoga, some flower-arranging classes and cooking classes just to keep them interested.”

The market will close in the spring, when Bluebird Farms resumes using the greenhouse to grow plants.

The farmer’s market will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday, though during holiday weekends it will be open for longer periods.

For more information or to inquire about vendor spots, contact Bluebird Farms on Facebook or call 410-208-4475.  

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