(April 19, 2019) Dog owners and their four-legged friends are invited to the second annual BaRkshore Puppy Party at Backshore Brewing Co., on 10th Street and the Boardwalk, this Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. 

Nathan Todd, Backshore Brewing Co. manager and assistant brewer, encourages pet owners to take their dogs for a stroll on the Boardwalk, then stop by the brewery for a beer and food.

“It is my feeling that pets should be allowed on the Boardwalk even in the summer, but since that is not a thing, I decided last year to start the BaRkshore yearly party,” Todd said.

Attendees can take photos with their pets next to the VW bus in front of the brewery. In addition, there will be face painting and caricature opportunities.

Dog leashes, collars, chew toys and treats will be available for purchase during the event. 

“The deck will basically be a play area for the dogs as we will have toys spread out all over it to peak their curiosity,” Todd said.

The brewery is also creating a special beer for the occasion, “Dog Daze,” an English brown ale flavored with vanilla.  

“[It’s] a day that we can all come together with our puppies and have a face-licking good time with our best friends, and maybe make some new friends too,” he said.

For more information, email Todd at sendnatemail@backshorebrew.com or call the brewery at 410-289-0008.

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