(May 24, 2019) Ocean City Foodie Tour returns to the resort with new restaurants, modes of transportation along with history about the town to entertain guests.

The first Ocean City Foodie Tour of the season took place on Monday and the event will continue until September as participants have the opportunity travel and sample various tastes and sights of the resort.

Sandy Gillis, owner of Creative Day Spa in Ocean City and creator of OC Foodie Tour, started the event last year after participating in several food tours during her travels to other cities.

Gillis offered 31 tours in the midtown and downtown areas last year. Most tours comprised of six to 12 people, with 12 being the maximum per group.

“I’m looking forward to doing it again this year and I have a couple of tour guides that I’ve hired that I’ve known my whole life,” Gillis said. “They’re going to be joining my team and taking some of the tours so we could do more.”

This year, the foodie tours will be offered Monday through Friday, from noon to 3 p.m. Each downtown and midtown tour takes place over a one-mile walk radius to five different restaurants. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Each tour will be a unique experience because the restaurants visited will change frequently.


Food enthusiasts enjoy samples at Dunes Manor on 28th Street during an OC Foodie Tour offered last year.

For the downtown foodie tour, there are 18 participating businesses located from the inlet to First Street. They include The Angler, M.R. Ducks, Marina Deck, Harbor Inn, Frog Bar, Jessica’s Fudge House, Trimpers, Dough Roller, Thrashers, Jolly Roger on the Pier, Dolle’s, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Kings, Caruso Pizza, Soriano’s Coffee Shop, Fat Daddy’s, Tree House Bar and Mug and Mallet. 

Midtown foodie tours will take place from 28th to 37th streets, with 17 participating establishments including, Guido’s Burritos, Ripieno’s, Jolly Roger Amusements, Dry Dock 28, Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon, Pit and Pub, Candy Kitchen, Fractured Prune, Mother’s Cantina, Victorian Room at Dunes Manor, Higgins Crab House, Sanibel’s Oceanside 32, OC Wasabi, Barn 34, Real Raw Organic, Coconut’s Bar and Grille and Shotti’s Point.

In between sampling different food, Gillis plans on sharing the history of Ocean City and of the restaurants as well.

“People just love learning about Ocean City, and the fires, the floods and hurricanes, the families and assorted businesses here and how the fishing got started,” Gillis said. “I’m fascinated that there’s a lot of amazing families that started in Ocean City and have done very well.”

New this year, OC Foodie Tour has teamed up with OC Bay Hopper, a water taxi service based on 117th Street, to provide a dining tour by boat. These tours will take place once a week from noon to 3 p.m. on Thursdays. Guests should meet at Longboard Café on 67th Street to depart.

OC Bay Hopper tours will travel to three restaurants, including Sanibel’s at Sunset Island on 67th Street, Longboard Café on 67th Street, Tailchasers on 123rd Street or Mad Fish in West Ocean City, finished off with sweet treats from Dolle’s.

Gillis wants residents and visitors to see different sides of Ocean City, beyond the fast food places and “usual watering holes.”

“I love sharing my passion for Ocean City and the people that started here,” Gillis said. “I’m excited about teaching Ocean City’s story to visitors, and a lot of visitors had never been to Ocean City before.”

Some restaurants are just beginning to open around this time, which means there is a potentially larger list of restaurants to join the food tours.

“I’m always looking to add anybody new who wants to be a part of it, and there’s no obligation with the restaurants,” Gillis said.

Tickets for the tours can be purchased online at http://ocfoodietour.com/ for $79, which includes a sampling of food at each restaurant.

Foodie tour enthusiasts can save $10 by using special code “foodie” on the website. Any questions or special requests can be made at info@ocfoodietour.com.

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