Ribbon cutting

Stuart Glassman, commander of the Ocean City Power Squadron, cuts the ribbon to mark the rededication of the group’s award display at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club on Sunday, Feb. 9.

(Feb. 14, 2020) The Ocean City Power Squadron welcomed back a display of awards during a rededication celebration at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club on Mumford Landing Road, Sunday, Feb. 9.

Power Squadron Commander Stuart Glassman told the story of how the cabinet that held the awards returned to the yacht club while a little over 40 members enjoyed food and drink. 

The power squadron, a nonprofit group that provides free boating safety courses and vessel checks to the public, first set up the display at the old yacht club in 1998. 

“After years, the yacht club got demolished and some brave souls saved our cabinet [and] took it to the administration building,” Glassman said. 

The yacht club was rebuilt and when Glassman became the commander for the first time in 2015, his first task was to ensure the display’s return. He said after many months, he was successful, but the cabinet was removed again when the yacht club went through renovations. 

When Glassman returned for a second term as commander in 2019, he had the same assignment – to ensure the cabinet’s return. At that time, it was stored in a committee member’s garage. 

However, the Ocean Pines Association, which owns the yacht club, was concerned about bringing the cabinet back at first because of all the other clubs that share the building. 

“President Doug Parks of the OPA [Ocean Pines Association] was kind enough to meet with us because we were disappointed that we couldn’t bring the cabinet back,” Glassman said. 

The Ocean Pines board then changed its mind and agreed that the cabinet should return to the yacht club. 

“As the power squadron, we were beyond delighted that we were able to reconnect ourselves with the yacht club since we’re a boating organization and we’re focused on safety,” Sandy Glassman, the publicity officer for the power squadron, said. 

One of the awards the squadron celebrates is the safety inspector who checks the most boats and watercrafts and another is for the member who makes the most contributions to volunteer services. 

“You have to focus on being safe out there and how to navigate – what do all those markers mean and how to get in the channel [and] if you’re going someplace, how to get home,” Sandy Glassman said. “It really is important to us as a group, they come here, they have a really good time, but they also know how to navigate safely.” 

Stuart Glassman said he was surprised to see so many people show up for the rededication. He cut the red ribbon off the display cabinet, signifying that there it shall remain, just in time to celebrate the power squadron’s 40th anniversary this year.

Elizabeth covers Worcester County issues for Ocean City Today. In 2018, she graduated from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa with a bachelor of arts. After graduation, Elizabeth spent a year with Lutheran Volunteer Corps in Wilmington, Delaware.

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