Illuminate Ocean City

Illuminate Ocean City

A one-day festival celebrating and teaching holistic methods of healing and mind-bending readings is coming to the Ocean City convention center on Saturday for the third time since 2018.

Judi Bazis, the founder of the Illuminate Festival which makes stops around the country, described her creation as a holistic arts and wellness festival that focuses on local practitioners offering holistic services.

Some of the services offered during the event include energy work like Reiki, body work, intuitive readings from psychic readers who have been vetted, and tarot card readers.

There will also be Ancestral eye readings which is done through a process of mapping the eye to bring forth messages or impressions from a person’s ancestral lines.

“It’s informative, fun and fascinating,” Bazis said.

The Illuminate Festival started in 2015 and has primarily been held in the Delmarva region. The idea, Bazis said, evolved from another event she started working at as a volunteer in her hometown Frederick, called SpiritFest.

Bazis first brought the festival to Ocean City in 2018, then 2019. But when the covid pandemic took hold of the country, Bazis said she put the event on hold for the “sacred pause of covid.”

Now, three years later, Bazis is bringing her Illuminate Festival back to Ocean City to help give local holistic practitioners exposure to the local community.

“There are so many great healers offering their amazing gifts to the community and we want to showcase that,” she said. “My gift is organizing the gifted.”

Like previous years, Illuminate will feature artisans, vendors offering handmade gifts, crystal jewelry, luxurious spa products, stained glass, original art, essential oils, and more.

One of the vendors offers a line of mermaid gift items, according to Bazis, which is fitting with another event being held at the convention center called the International Seaside Fantasy Convention, which features a troop of mermaid performers.

In addition to items being offered for sale, Illuminate will also feature 15–20-minute mini sessions from the practitioners at a discounted cost, Bazis said.

Vendors may offer Reiki, which is a service that is either hands on or hands off healing that channels chi energy to bring energy, balance, and healing to the client.

There are also going to be hour-long workshops offered at no cost to attendees.

One workshop at 11 a.m., offered by Dr. Maria Talton who has 30 years of experience in clinical mind and body therapy, will focus on using healing fruits and ways they help the human body and prevent disease.

Another workshop that starts at 3 p.m. will show attendees how to use Akashic Records to clear issues from the past, and at 4 p.m., Starlet Lebrun of Celestial Healings will teach the basics of using crystal balls, black mirrors, and more.

The event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., is free to the public, though children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

For a full schedule of events and what to expect, visit and select “Illuminate Ocean City.”

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on July 29, 2022.

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