(June 12, 2020) Caine Sheppard might be a real estate agent in New York City, but his career in a completely unrelated area is showing serious promise: he is an emerging electronic dance music (EDM) producer, known as GT_Ofice, in the Big Apple.

Recognized in numerous New York forums and publications as someone to watch, Sheppard was born in Salisbury to Dan Sheppard and Bradley Caine and grew up in Ocean City.

“My grandfather is Jim Caine, and he developed Caine Woods in Ocean City and Caine Keys,” he said. “So, I lived in Caine Woods for a little while, and then I also lived for most of my life in West Ocean City in Fox Chapel.”

Sheppard attended Worcester Prep and Stephen Decatur High School before moving to pursue a career in acting. Sheppard spent nearly a decade in the industry, with stints in national commercials and portraying a recurring character on Showtime’s “The Big C.” However, he was not satisfied with playing small roles and realized it was not his calling.

 “I just wish I could say I’ve done more because I never really went that far in that world,” he said. 

After moving to New York in 2008, Sheppard built connections with artists. He learned how to DJ by observing his friends, and since then has DJed in nightclubs in New York, Las Vegas and Miami.


Caine Sheppard

Sheppard is a long-time fan of electronic dance music (EDM) DJs Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Tiësto. Nearly two years ago, he started using Apple’s program Logic to produce his own beats after his Grammy-nominated friend and founder of Sirup Music record company, EDX, encouraged him.

The first part of Sheppard’s stage name, GT_Ofice, is an acronym for “good times only.” Then, “fice” refers to a rabid dog, Sheppard said. 

“I know that’s really weird, but I drink a lot of vodka and Red Bull,” Sheppard added. “So, I yap a lot when I’m out and about, so they would call me ‘fice.’”

Because the process of producing music is a collaborative effort, Sheppard works with different vocalists and audio engineers on every track to mix and master his music. 

“GT_Ofice is not just one person,” Sheppard said. “This is a business.” 

In November 2019, Sheppard released his first song “Live My Life” with AMBER. He followed up with two singles, “Stay the Night” with xoxomyah and “Out of My Mind” with MIME. 

“I’m trying to pump out at least 10 tracks this year … because the more tracks you have the more chances good things will happen,” Sheppard said. 

Sheppard is releasing his next track, “Nextel,” on June 19. He also signed “Yesterday” with Nick Elliott to Armada Music, which does not have a release date yet. 

In the future, Sheppard hopes to work with EDX and HALIENE, who has chart-topping singles on Billboard and Beatport.

He also is expanding his fanbase beyond Ocean City, Manhattan and Miami with music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Beatport and 1001tracklists. He currently has 64,700 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Recently, Sheppard was opening for one of his best friends, MIME. They played two shows before the tour was canceled because of covid-19. His next gig is DJing the Dear Summer Festival on Aug. 22 and 23 in Newburgh, New York. Until then, Sheppard plans to stream some performances online.

For more information, visit gtoficemusic.com.

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