(July 12, 2019) The Ocean City Surf Club presented $1,500 to the Ocean City Beach Patrol on Monday, which will be used to help create and distribute children’s activity books promoting ocean and beach safety.

Ocean City Surf Club President Tommy Vach and Vice President Rusty Ruszin donated the money to help raise awareness about ocean safety, a message that the Ocean City Beach Patrol shares.


The Ocean City Surf Club donates $1,500 to the Ocean City Beach Patrol during its weekly meeting at the convention center on 40th Street, Monday, July 8.

“The Ocean City Surf Club is a nonprofit organization and we have a lot of programs that help kids, like our Surf into Integrity program,” Vach said. “We also promote the children’s activity book, which we’re sponsoring, because it helps educate the kids in the community, both visitors and locals alike, to learn about the ocean, have respect for the ocean, make the right decisions when you’re in the ocean, never turn your back on it and just learn.”

The children’s activity book is a free, informative coloring book created by the beach patrol which helps youth learn at a young age various important measures to take when visiting the ocean. 

Lately, however, there has been such a high demand for the activity books that the beach patrol could not fill out the orders without donations from local charities, like the Ocean City Surf Club.

“It’s in such high demand we’ve been receiving donations from the Ocean City Surf Club to make it continue,” Ocean City Beach Patrol Public Events Coordinator Kristin Joson said. “We hand them out at all of our outreach opportunities.”

The key factor here, Ruszin said, is educating the children.

“It ties in with the education mission of both organizations,” Ruszin said. “We sponsor this kid’s activity book, which we think and see as a major educational tool and we also couple with [the beach patrol] at the junior beach patrol sessions on Fridays. They grant us about 15 minutes to help in the education process.

“The more the younger kids get into that education mode – respecting the ocean, knowing how to behave on the beach, knowing what to look for from the beach patrol – the better prepared they are,” he continued.

The children’s activity books can be found at the Ocean City Beach Patrol headquarters on Talbot Street, downtown, and at events sponsored by both the beach patrol and Ocean City Surf Club, as well as local restaurants and businesses in the resort.

“We hope to do more in the future. We want to build on from this. We want to continue to grow in the right direction,” Vach said.

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