(Sept. 6, 2019) The local Red Knights Motorcycle Club, Maryland Chapter 3 will host the 16th annual 9/11 Parade of Brothers Memorial Ride in commemoration of those who lost their lives during the 2001 terrorist attacks, on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

“The reason that we do this, right after 9/11 [because] everyone said ‘we’ll never forget,’” John Tartufo, local Red Knights’ treasurer and parade organizer, said. “This current generation seems to want to put things behind them like it never happened and it did happen. People don’t want to educate their children about it, because they think it may it may offend them.

“As long as Maryland Red Knights Chapter 3 is in existence, it will not be forgotten,” he added.


Over 300 participants are expected to ride down the Boardwalk during the 16th annual 911 Parade of Brothers Memorial Ride held by the Red Knights Maryland Chapter, on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

In 2003, president and founder of the Red Knights Larry Sackadorf called Tartufo about creating the 9/11 ride on the Boardwalk,. It was originally limited to Red Knights riders only. The second year, Tartufo requested the event be open to the public.

“The second year that we had it, we asked the mayor and city council if it could be opened to the public,” he said. “They agreed to allow us to have [the parade] open to the public as long as the Red Knights want to have that parade of brotherhood, we would be allowed to do it forever.”

Last year, the ride portion of the event was canceled because of a pending tropical storm. This year, Tartufo estimates there could be as many as 400 riders.

“This year Sept. 11 is one day before Bike Week,” Tartufo said. “So we could have a lot of bikers who have come down for that week join us.”

Registration begins at 9 a.m. on the Boardwalk at 27th Street. Riders will leave promptly at 11:30 a.m. with the patriotic procession starting at 27th Street and continuing south to North Division Street on the Boardwalk.

A memorial service will take place after the ride at the Boardwalk firefighter’s memorial at noon, with Tartufo serving as the master of ceremonies.

Former senator Jim Mathias, Police Chief Ross Buzzuro, County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli and Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan will be the guest speakers during the event. This year, the Ocean City Police Honor Guard will assist the parade. 

After the ceremony, police will escort the riders out of Ocean City along Route 113 through Bishopville to the Moose Lodge in Roxana, Delaware for lunch, brotherhood and entertainment. DJ Batman, an honorary Red Knight, will provide music at the luncheon. 

Registration for the memorial ride costs $10 per bike, which includes the ride down the Boardwalk, a pin and the escorted ride to lunch at the Moose Lodge. Lunch is not included in the ride entry fee.

The ride is open to all motorcyclists, and will take place rain or shine. 

To learn more about the Red Knights, Maryland Chapter 3, 9/11 Parade of Brothers Memorial Ride, visit www.redknightsmd3.com or call Tartufo at 443-614-3425.

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